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Monday, March 31, 2014


I've lived almost 32  years in Penthouse A2 of 2101 Craigside.  Tonight is my final night here, for tomorrow, I move into 15 Craigside.

I was extremely lucky in 1982 when I returned to Honolulu towards the end of my 3-year stint in the U.S. Senate.  My  Hawaii apartment was leased out for another year.  My real estate agent and personal friend, Stan Lizama, noted when he saw me that morning of a new listing that just appeared as he was leaving his office to pick me up.  From all reports, one of the co-owners of the 2101 Craigside development had a falling out with his partners, and had just offered it for sale.  I was the first to see it, fell in love and in minutes put in my bid.  Pearl and I were the first to occupy this great apartment.

There are a few perquisites if you live in Penthouse A that defy reality.  But, aside from having two floors, let me leave it at that.  However, anyone who purchases my apartment (it is for sale--in fact, if you buy now, you will get a bargain, for after I re-paint and re-floor, the price  will go up) will enjoy these special benefits.  Now is the time to buy in Honolulu, for according to Paul Brewbaker:

If history is our guide, even ramping production up like was done in the last cycle  will not prevent the 10 to 20 to 30% annual increases.

Even more than potential financial gain, though, are the rainbows and sunsets I regularly see:

So back to my story on this latest move, on a lark, I decided one day in December to trot next door to 15 Craigside, a seniors development.  I was shown apartment 1212 (highest floor), which had a view of the ocean, located in between the two towers of 2101 Craigside so those occupants can't see into my rooms.

Apparently, a University of Hawaii professor had reserved this apartment a long time ago, but had a health problem and long delayed his move.  However, he finally got well enough, and just the week before decided that 1212 was too high and instead moved into a lower floor unit.  1212 was made available the morning I happened to appear.  I don't believe in fate and things like the afterlife, but this coincidence with 32 years ago was, indeed, eerie, and convinced me to take this monumental step.  And, remember, the food here is a combination of Zippy's, Rainbow Drive-Inn and a good Japanese restaurant, with salad/soup and dessert bars.  You can bring your own wine and there is no corkage charge.

Thus, my final weekend here started with lunch at Orchids with Professor Mikiyasu Nakayama of the University of Tokyo.  Unbeknownst to both of us at that time, he was an associate dean at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology perhaps fifteen years ago when I spent my sabbatical there.  Anyway, note Diamond Head in the background.  That photo of me at the top of this blog site was taken from House Without a Key, which is adjacent to Orchids.  Miki is in the department of International Studies and graduate school of Frontier Science at Todai.

He indicated that the future of electricity in Japan was to wheel it in from Russia, and for their country to also be linked with China and South Korea.  Hopefully, this electricity would have green origins, and further, would serve as a security advantage in that one country could help the other if more Fukushimas occur, and not necessarily in Japan.  Rather than use his present title...

“Security Implications of Transboundary Power Trade”

...I suggested that he might want to stress the positive nature of his project with something like Peace through Power-Sharing.  I'm big on PEACE these days.

Then I perhaps might have had my final PHA2 sunset meal last evening, with Debbie and Dan Bent (they live on my floor at 2101 Craigside):

We had a spectacular 24-year old chardonnay from my Stanford Alumni collection.  The label was so old that I couldn't read it:

I think I barely distinguished something like Kenwood from Sonoma Valley, with the 1990 quite obviously so.  I've never before had a chardonnay that old.

So from PHA2 of Craigside, ALOHA.


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