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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Chaine des Rotisseuers hosted the Young Sommelier Awards Dinner tonight at Lucky Belly in Chinatown, not the usual venue, with the homeless commanding the nearby sidewalks.  

Patrick Okubo (left) was our former young sommelier, but the next generation is led by Christopher Ramelb:

Chris is from Kapaa, and I told him that I was innocently jealous of his potential, for he is half a century younger than I am, I will will soon be transitioning into 15 Craigside, and he is just beginning his journey to epicurean greatness.  Here he is with Alisha, who is one step away from her CPA:

I was sitted next to the Grand Poobah, Bruce Liebert, Qi and John White:

The Chef for the meal was Nicole LaTorre:

We gave her a good-natured bad time with some deserved graciousness, for the dishes were tasty but much too cool.  Bruce and I designed an infrared "torch" to avoid a microwave or carbonaceous depositing blowtorch to prevent this problem.

We started with a Zardetto Prosecco Veneto, background sounds provided by Aloha Bassoon.  Eclectic, but much too funereal.    The first course was a Hawaiian Rum Seared Scallops with a Hess Collection Chardonnay from Napa:

Course #2 was a Seared Ahi with mizuna salad, accompanied by a Javino Pinot Noir from Oregon:

I got too involved in the table side discussion that I forgot to take a photo of the Braised Shortribs, which tasted great, but, again, not hot enough, with a Beausejour Duffau Lagarrosse Bordeaux pour.

Through this all, Christopher shared with our table a couple of additional exceptional wines, which I did not record.  The dessert was a Malassadas Creme Brûlée and Raspberry Gelato, enhanced with an Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato from Australia.  Again, I got wrapped up in my debate on  the afterlife and global warming, neglecting to take a photo.

The only female above is Kathryn Nicholson, who was just elected Bailli, which means she is the leader of our Kauai-Oahu Chapter.  I keep calling Bruce Liebert Grand Poobah, but his correct title is Chambellan Provincial Hawaii/Pacific Islands, which makes him the highest officer in the Pacific.  And, no, I'm not that short.  I'm sitting.

I was planning to walk home, but Bruce gave me a ride, thus eliminating the worst case scenario of a mugging.   I was a tad disappointed because I thought he already took delivery of his all-BMW EV, which must be this one above.  Another great Chaine gathering, although the food could have been warmer.  


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