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Friday, March 21, 2014


Warren Buffett won again.  No one is left in that Billion $ Bracket Challenge.  Ninety-nine percent were gone after Mercer beat Duke today, only 16 entrants remained with Stanford's defeat of New Mexico, then down to three with Gonzaga over Oklahoma:  Letisha, hjerstad and Michelle.  But all had George Washington over Memphis, and that went the other way, so before the first round was over, the 15 million or so dropped to zero.  However, keep in mind that twenty contestants will each still win $100,000, and Quicken Loans will donate $1 million to programs for inner-city children, so there is more to come.

Anyway, if you're into March Madness, you just got to click on Philip Martelli, the 4-year old grandson of Saint Joseph coach Phil Martelli.  Philip, the young guy on the left, was interviewed during the St. Joe - Connecticut game yesterday.  Why is he famous?  Click on THIS!  He this week appeared on the Today Show and Good Morning America, and is the hit of Philadelphia.

Well, so much for my college basketball season, for the Rainbow Wahines later today will probably lose to the University of Washington in the Women's NIT.  But on to Major League Baseball, for the season starts in Australia.  The Los Angeles Dodgers are playing the Arizona Diamondbacks in a cricket stadium (right) at 10 PM Hawaii time, or 1AM in Los Angeles/Phoenix, or 4AM in New York.  Watch on your Major League Baseball Channel (1208 in HD in Hawaii) or SNLAHD (1217) if you subscribe to these services, as I do.  Can you believe they went to these lengths?

The soil-clay mixture used for the infield and pitcher’s mound was imported in nearly 20 shipping containers from U.S. west coast.   To the left is a rendering of the field tonight.

Vin Scully, 86 years young, will announce back to his fans.  He was the voice when the team was called the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Remember those days when the Cincinnati Reds always started the season?  This was the first baseball franchise, so for 104 years the team was given this privilege.  Eleven sitting presidents have opened the season, with President Harry Truman throwing twice to show off his ambidextrous skill.  This is a clip of his performance.

Bob Feller in 1940 threw a no-hitter (to the left is a painting of that day, but here he is tossing the opening day pitch in 2010 when he was 91--he passed away later in the year) and Hank Aaron started 1974 with his 714th homer, tying Babe Ruth.  Watch the greatest home run ever hit, Babe Ruth during the 1932 World Series, where he pointed to centerfield before accomplishing this feat.  You might have seen the movie, but amazingly enough, what you just saw was the actual scene, although, of course, not on opening day.

That Monday game itself, this year on March 31, is still in Cincinnati, but ESPN added further insult by scheduling the third (they play two in Australia) game on Sunday afternoon, March 30, this one featuring the Dodgers in San Diego.  In case you're confused, yes, today is March 21 and the first American opening day is still more than a week away.  Play Ball!!!


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