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Friday, August 17, 2012


That is my grandniece, Sofia Pearl Takahashi.  She brought with her from North Carolina, Las Vegas and Columbia (the country):

Cousin Daniela, mother Marisol, brother Mateo, Sofia, father Eric, grandmother Sharon, aunt Gloria and sister Nicole.  Can't see Mateo too well, so here he is at the head of the table for dinner last night:

Mateo consumes more food per pound than anyone I've ever met.  He is entrusted with continuing the search for Kenjiro, for not only is he the eldest grandnephew, but the only one.  Someday I'll pass on to him my files.

As I'm into fine cuisine, that dish to the bottom left is an incredibly delicious Scallops Nicole, for she did  most of the actual cooking:  slowly sauté a pound (could have been more, and this serves up to eight) of scallops in four tablespoons of butter and eight whole garlic cloves.  Over low heat, stir for half an hour, adding half a cup of sake, two tablespoons of soy sauce, two tablespoons of sugar and dashes of black pepper.  When the contents appear to almost caramelize, add Chinese peas and some cut onions.  The more moisture you can remove from the scallops, the more intense the flavor.  The rice, incidentally, is the #1 rated Koshihakari from Niigata, Japan, at $7/pound.

In most cultures, the first year birthday party is the most important one of all.  We had a chocolate haupia cake:

The bottom photo is Nicole with her sister and some gifts.  Her middle name is in honor of Pearl, and I'm passing over to Sofia over time my wife's belongings.  Eric is a medical doctor and the family is considering New Zealand as their next assignment.



timelapserunner said...

Beautiful extended family and very cute Sofia. Granduncle Pat is proud, I am sure.


Yes, Harry. I just saw a documentary about a 100 mile marathon around Mount Fuji. Maybe you need a larger challenge.