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Sunday, August 12, 2012


The closing ceremonies were streamed live from London, but those not into this advanced form of live video, you can also watch them in prime time wherever you are.  In Hawaii, that's 7PM on KHNL.  There is something about catching anything live, for if something incredibly spectacular or horrifically tragic occurs, you'll probably hear about it ahead of time and not gain the full experience of the moment.  This will be 30 hit British singles, featuring George Michael, Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lennox, Spice Girls (right), the Who, Adele and others.  The above photo from the Los Angeles Times.  The Closing Ceremony headline performers were each paid a pound, or about $1.50.

Which leads to a huge sigh of relief, as there were no successful terroristic threats through the two week period.  The weather was also mostly okay.  There were no serious traffic problems.  In fact, stores and restaurants complained that there was a drop-off in customers.  Not much went wrong and much went right.  As chief of the organizing committee, Sebastian Coe, said:  "When our time came, Britain, we did it right."  Do you see a future Prime Minister in the photo?  That's IOC President Jacques Rogge behind Coe.

I've been featuring females in this blog site, so today, let me give some equal time to men.  American basketball is supreme, as we won both gold medals.  Here is Team USA, which "barely" beat Spain:

You might notice Kevin Love as the only white player.  Turns out that 23 of the 24 other players from Spain and Russia (bronze) were various shades of white.

Michael Phelps, with Usain Bolt, were the two superstars.  How much money do gold medal winners get?  Depends on their country.  In the U.S. they get $25,000, but others?
  1. Singapore: $805,000
  2. Italy: $182,400
  3. Russia: $135,000
  4. Ukraine: $100,000
  5. France: $65,200
  6. Japan: $35,900
  7. China: $31,400
  8. US: $25,000
  9. Australia: $20,300
  10. Canada: $20,000
  11. Ghana: $20,000
  12. Germany: $19,500
  13. Great Britain: No performance bonus

Of course, most make out in endorsements and personal products.  Phelps, for example, has been earning $5 million to $10 million per year since Beijing.  Next?  He will golf, being tutored by Hank Haney in the "Haney Project,"  a Golf Channel program.   

Usain Bolt?  He has already earned $20.3 million this year alone.  He endorses Gatorade, Nissan, Visa, Hublot, Virgin Media and Puma, which alone gave him $9 million.  He charges at least a quarter million dollars for any track meet appearance.  

In case you were wondering why French is spoken, plus English, in the medal award ceremony, it is because the International Olympics Committee was founded in France.  The London games cost $14 billion.

Next, on to Rio de Janeiro, which will become the center of the Universe over the next few years, as they also host the World Cup in 2014.  I've already called Rio the happiest and best city in the world.  I would not be surprised if Sao Paolo is selected as the World Expo site for 2020.  


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