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Saturday, August 25, 2012


I'll be golfing at the Ala Wai Golf Course today.  As I'm creating this posting, I noticed on the Golf Channel that the leader is Lydia Ko.  You probably never heard of her, but she was born in South Korea, is now from New Zealand and won the the U.S. Women's Amateur two weeks ago.  She is of course an amateur, but won a professional tournament in New Zealand, at the age of 14.  If she prevails tomorrow, she will have to forego $300,000, but, now at the age of 15, would become the youngest Ladies Professional Golfer's Association winner.  You can see her tomorrow on the Golf Channel (2PM EDT or 8AM Hawaii Time).

Just finished watching the Japan little league baseball team demolish Panama for the international championship.  The winner of the Tennessee-California (they edged Hawaii to get to Williamsport) game will have the dubious distinction of playing Japan tomorrow (9AM HST on ABC).  Japan has Kotaro Kiyomiya (right), 6 feet tall, weighing 206 pounds.  He only had two home runs today on his two official at bats (they intentionally walked him).  Kiyomiya had 60 home runs in 50 games back home this year.  Oh, he also pitches, and has been clocked at the equivalent of 104 miles per hour.  Their pitcher today, Yuta Ishida, gave up two runs, but those are the only earned runs allowed by Japan in the entire tournament.  They have three more pitchers who have not allowed any, and they average nearly two strikeouts/inning.  

But, Bradley Smith, the starting pitcher today for California, is 6 feet 3 inches tall.  Alas, he just gave up a two-run homer in the first inning.  So maybe it will be Japan versus Tennessee on Sunday.  However, in the bottom half of the first, the bases are loaded, Smith is at bat and...he hit into a double play.

Here is what is great about the Little League World Series, however.  Uganda was the first African team to make it to Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Here is a quote from Travis Waldron:

...the challenges facing baseball in Uganda and other African countries are immense. Many children use balls made of paper and improvised bats. Gloves are rare, and games are often played barefoot on dusty fields with little or no grass. Even the Ugandan schools where baseball is popular struggle to find places to play.

With all those limitations, they actually beat a team from Oregon in a consolation game.

Tropical Storm Isaac, at 60 MPH, is now expected to roll over the Florida Keys, then strengthen into a Category 2 on Monday, but might be sufficiently west of Tampa, that the Republican National Convention will not be seriously inconvenienced:

In the west Pacific, though, Typhoon Tembin, at 80 MPH, is making a full circular loop south of Taiwan, and will steamroll through the country again:

However, it gets worse, as Typhoon Bolaven, at 140 MPH, is heading straight for Naha, Okinawa:


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