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Sunday, August 26, 2012


This is Sunday.  Entertain yourself.

Watch a K-Pop viral video by PSY called "Gangnam Style."  Makes no sense to you?  Well, click on it, as more than 60 million have.  Four million visited just over the past 24 hours.

Incidentally, the top ten You Tube videos of all time are of Billboard hits, except for #6 "Charlie bit my finger--again!"  At #1, Justin Bieber has had more than 764 million pings.

More recently, the fully enhanced high definition descent of Curiosity on Mars, made available earlier this week, is approaching 3 million (note that this total accumulated over five days, while Gungnam Style had 4 million in a day) views.  This is the real thing, not a simulation.  To the right is an HD photo of the planet.

Here is a surprise, maybe even a shock, and it is a now mostly banned Toyota commercial.  Oh, after watching it, and you're a bit  confused, it's a boy.  The Auris is the European replacement for the Corolla and sits on a Camry platform.  The model is androgynous, and the car is not sold in the USA.  In a similarly controversial mode, here is a Toyota Supra drifting.

If you've come this far, you just got to click on the 100 most viewed videos, in 14 minutes and 28 seconds.  Here is a crash course on what the current generation enjoys.  Yes, there are too many Justin Bieber clips, but surely, you must want to know how Lady Gaga sounds, and I did not realize that Bruno Mars of Hawaii (he started his career as a 3 year old Elvis impersonator in Waikiki) was so popular.  There are babies, including a newborn panda sneezing.   Honestly, you'll thank me.   All this borderline agony in less than 15 minutes.

If you read my posting yesterday, you would be watching the Little World Series championship game on ABC.  As most will see this after the game is over, in the second inning, the score is Japan 3 - Tennessee 0, and pitching for Japan is Godzilla, also known as Kotaro Kiyomiya, whose fastball has topped the equivalent of 100 MPH several times.  Tennessee scored 24 runs to beat California yesterday.  Five of six have thus far struck out.  Maybe I'll later return to post the final score.


Well, Isaac is now officially a hurricane at 75 MPH, but should be reasonably west of Tampa to not seriously hinder the Republican National Convention.  However, they decided to be conservative, and essentially delayed the opening, and are even not totally sure about Tuesday.  Looks to me like Isaac will be making landfall near New Orleans as a Category 2.  Hope they got their levees in better shape.

The eye of Typhoon Bolaven, which had weakened into a Category 3 at 120 MPH (wind gusts up to 161 MPH), passed just north of Naha and cause little damage.  Why?  Even though this was the most severe storm since 1956, everything here is made of concrete.  Next passage?  Just west of Cheju Island, maintaining Category 3 strength, then skirting Incheon as a Category 1.  Might even pass right over Pyongyang as a tropical storm.

Finally, Typhoon Tembin did make that full circle back, is maintaining a speed of 105 MPH, but should weaken into a Category 1 and return to Taiwan, already saturated with moisture.  The first pass already brought rains of the century to parts of the south.  There will be monumental flooding.  Tembin then will move on to China, and, perhaps, maybe even Shanghai, which keeps getting spared.


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