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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My golfing hero, Ken Watanabe (no, not the Japanese actor but the 90-ish leader of the Tuesday-Thursday Ala Wai Golf group), passed on to me:

The titles just about say it all, but I did some research on Bottom Line.  It was founded and is currently chaired by Martin Edelston, who also chairs Boardroom Inc, incorporated in 1972.  They publish three periodicals, three E-letters and a wide variety of easy-to-read answers to life in general, meaning, health, careers, finance, home buying, etc..  Hmm...sort of reminds me of my SIMPLE SOLUTIONS.  Supposedly a million people monthly read their publications.  The following worrisome paragraph is extracted from Wikipedia:

This company engages in the practice known as negative option billing.[2] Contentious cases around negative option billing often center on unwitting solicitation lost in fine print and the difficultly of reversing a solicitation once made. Bottom Line Books have received many consumer complaints about billing, for example several hundred arbitrated by the Stamford, Connecticut Better Business Bureau.[3]

Further, just the state of Connecticut has received 276 complaints about these companies, which are based in this state.  Frankly, if anything came in the mail from them, I would shred it as soon as possible.

All that said, this pamphlet--not a book, which was one of the common complaints-- of 70 pages, which costs $7, was a nice, quick half an hour read with some potentially useful hints.  Each quick remedy or cure, and there were 57 of them, is authored by a PhD or doctor, usually with serious (meaning credible) credentials.  I did not recognize any of them.

To summarize:

  1.  A whole lot went into what to eat, with flaxseed (right), celery, B and C vitamins, berries, cooked tomato (, honey, squash, ginger, beans, sardines, soups, nuts, yogurt, coffee, the rind of citrus, etc., particularly recommended.   They showed how to make parmesan tomato asparagus frittata, which I'll someday try.

  3.  Never heard of this one,  but elderberry (left) extract helps for shorter flu recovery.

  4.  More sleep reduces the incidence of diabetes.  Using 7-8 hours sleep as the average, those who slept five hours or less had a 51% higher chance of suffering from diabetes.  If you slept nine hours or more, the incidence dropped by 21%.  Related references can be found at 1 and 2.

  5.  Inflammation, which causes heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and kidney disease, is, clearly, bad.  Diet can help, with berries, almonds,  and fish oils being particularly good.  Other meats and nightshade (a wide range of vegetables) are not recommended.  (I was once on the board of Hawaii Biotech, which spun off a company to market astaxanthin as an antioxidant, which reduces inflammation.)

  6.  Ice water is good for you as it burns calories.

  7.  A quick fix for leg cramps is to firmly pinch your upper lip for up to 30 seconds.  A bar of soap at the bottom of your bed, which I featured in my second book, also seems to work.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but it does.  Both are kind of looney, but I might deprecatingly indicate that the 30 second cure probably means that most cramps only last for around that long anyway.

  9.  Benefits of coffee:  relieves headaches, reduces weight, promotes safer driving, fights jet lag, and controls hay fever.

10.  I include this because I think it is a ridiculous comparison.  If you consume low calorie soup TWICE/DAY, you will lose 50% more weight than someone who snacks on baked chips and pretzels.  Huh???  My weight reduction regimen is three stalks of celery and any soup I want for lunch twice per WEEK.  It kind of works, and only partially, because I usually accompany that combo with a bottle of beer.  However, this is not totally idiotic because that diet concept is based on something called volumetric differential, and beer is very voluminous.

There remain six ocean storms, with Haikiu now at 70 MPH, just unbecame a typhoon and soon will  make landfall south of Shanghai, while Tropical Storm Ernesto will very shortly become a hurricane and run into the Yucatan Peninsula:


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