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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Chapter 2 of SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity was on eternal life and health matters in general.  Over the past year or so I've looked closely at these issues and realized that I am a living example of many of these concerns.  In effect, I am offering my body to humanity, not unlike a white rat.  Medical science experiments on millions of rats (actually up to 100 million animals annually) to come to a conclusion (and manytimes a few years later totally reverse their opinion, so numbers do not necessarily mean everything).

Only this year I've had three postings on high blood pressure, with the latest:

Just yesterday (scroll down to next article), I reported on my adventure with "5-hour ENERGY," where the evidence suggested a serious spike in my blood pressure.  However, the reader should take my experiences with a pound of salt (no, not literally, for this could critically raise your blood pressure), that is, as just one anecdote.

Supposedly, one-third of Americans suffer from hypertension, although more recent studies suggest something closer to half.  You got to wonder how much pharmaceutical companies influence this number (that is, at what point doctors prescribe this medication, as high blood pressure pills represent $16 billion in revenues annually), but, in any case, let me not ruin your day (but you can click on this to find out) by listing the side effects of taking high blood pressure pills.  I take Avalide.

To go on, though, it now appears that statins lower cholesterol, but cause cognitive impairment and induce diabetes.  While old age has more to do with this, I think, my memory is not the same, and my glucose level is on the borderline.  Like one in four Americans, I'm taking this medication!   Even more will beginning this year because Lipitor ($8 billion last year) just lost patent protection, and the cost will drop by 80%.

I can continue to go on and on, but let me stop with just one more latest notification:  sleeping pills cause cancer and death!  Scarily enough, if you took just one (and up to 18) sleep aid this past year, you now have a 350% greater chance of dying, compared to those who don't.  For those who took 132 pills or more per year, the risk of death was five times greater.  What does this actually mean?  I don't know, for these statements seem exaggerated, but I wouldn't take sleeping pills if I were you.  Mind you, for years now, I have been advocating sleep for a longer life, and just yesterday, a 45 minute nap reduced my blood pressure from 144/77 with a pulse rate of 89, to 120/68, with a pulse of 55.  So my recommendation now is that sleep and naps are good, but without any medication.


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