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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Again as yesterday, when I opened my eyes, I saw:

I awoke to not exactly a White Christmas, and, well, I had to rush to get my camera (but rainbows hold up for many minutes), and a great start to December 25 in Honolulu.

Three years ago I provided the "true" story of Christmas.  I'm all for companies profiting during this period and long ago accepted the crass commercialization of what this holiday has become.  However, sociologically, this particular day offers families an opportunity to improve relationships, children to be nicer and happier than normal, charity to raise to new heights and the NBA to kick-off a short season.

Some positives:

  -  Wars are ending

  -  The last time I checked, the USA was the only major stock market in the green (+6%) for year, and the unemployment rate of 10.1% two years ago is at 8.6% and declining

  -  Aside for that snowfall in Denver the other day, the weather is good and, like Honolulu, not white at all, which is great, because that means the temperature is moderate (DC, London and Paris at least 50 F today)

I can go on and on, but let me just say, Merry Christmas!  And, by the way, 2012 is a Leap Year, so only 366 days until Christmas.


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