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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am not a neutral person.  I think there is something seriously bad about climate change, and we are responsible.  I guess I grew up half a century ago when I accepted my first job as process engineer for the Hutchinson Sugar Company in Naalehu, the southernmost community in the United States.  

There was something called preventive maintenance that I had never encountered through my first two decades.  What you can do today to prevent something horrific in the future is well worth the effort.  I've even maintained this belief for my various automobiles and life.

The masses don't have this attitude. A good example is that they are psychologically comforted with the assorted bits of disinformation about the Greenhouse Effect, which play into the hands of fossil fuel corporations, which mostly fund Republicans, paralyzing the Democratic White House, thus leaving powerless a well-intentioned gathering like the Durban climate change conference.

Renewable Energy News today provided two articles worthy of your read:
1.  Baby Steps in Climate Negotiations are Still Steps in the Right Direction, Jennifer Runyon (Managing Editor of Renewable Energy News)  
     This is, to me, an overly optimistic take on the results of the Durban talks.  This attitude and resultant comments well capture the mentality of American today.  Read them and mostly weep.

2.  Asia Report: Two Views on Durban Deal, Renewable Energy News editors.

     Nothing much here, but shows the power of China to do what it wants.

Let's face it, Durban Failed!!!  Miserably.  Embarrassingly.  Ignore the spins.  However, if you enjoy traveling to exotic locations, you can cheer the outcome.  I was in Qatar last year.  Interesting place to go if you belong to this hopeless mob.  Yes, this is the site of the next abortion.  Oh, by the way, Qatar has the highest per-capita greenhouse gas emission in the world.

The Dow Jones Industrials sunk a further 131 (1%) to 11,823, while world markets also all fell, France by more than 3%.  Oh my.  Gold crashed $60/toz to $1577.  Recall just a week or so ago when Bloomberg reported on gold prices exceeding $2000/toz by the end of this year?

Not sure what happened to the rainbow, but Ed Cheng and I walked 18 holes at the Ala Wai Golf Course today, and I could have sworn there was one in the background (just click on the triangle).

As I splurged too much on fine cuisine during my Royal Hawaii Hotel stay, I thought I would have soup and salad tonight, so on my way home, I stopped by the Kapahulu Safeway and bought tomato and potato soups.  Here with a chardonnay:


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