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Saturday, December 31, 2011


This could be a very interesting year, which, if you believe in Chinese prophesies, is a dangerous curse.  But I'm not Chinese, so let me approach this coming Year of the Dragon (if you were born in 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000, this is your year), the mightiest of Zodiac signs, without fear and some courage.  Dragons live by their own rules, are successful, driven, unafraid of challenges, willing to take risks, passionate and do things in grand fashion.  Hmm...while I'm known to make fun of astrology, that actually sounds like me, confirming that I am, indeed, a dragon.  

Thanking you in advance, I write this ginormous expectation of the Year 2012 in my man cave, noting that the Occupy Movement, advocating shared sacrifice, has amazingly captured the sense of the masses, unafraid of any private sector and governmental blowback in this period of the new normal to win the future without trickeration  (I just did not have the heart to use baby bump and pet parent, but thank the Lake Superior State University for these 2012 Top 12 List of Banished Words):

January     Romney (yeah, I did predict Paul just last week, but I can't
                    believe Iowans are that out of touch with reality; on the other
                    hand, they did pick Huckabee four years ago) and Obama
                    (did you know he was even on the ballot in 2012?) prevail in
                     the Iowa Caucus
                 Bullfighting banned in Catalonia
                    (Barcelona, but this is shows a cultural anti-reaction to a
                   "Spanish" practice)

February   Elizabeth II will celebrate her 60th Year as Queen

March       Vladimir Putin will be elected president of Russia, essentially
                    switching jobs with Dmitry Medvedev
                 BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) will meet in
                   in Delhi, and, who knows, might add Indonesia to 
                   become BRIICS

April         Kim Il Sung will not descend from Heaven
                    (he was born a century ago)
                 Beach Boys begin 50th Anniversary Tour in New Orleans

May          Nicolas Sarcozy will retain the French presidency (at one time
                    Dominique Strauss-Kahn was supposed to be the opponent)
                  Barack Obama will not propose the 10% Simple Solution to
                     Peace at the Chicago G8 Summit
                  World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea

June          World Hydrogen Energy Conference in Toronto
                   (my first WHEC was in Toronto 1984)
                 Rio+20 gathering in Rio (UN Conference on Sustainable

July            30th Summer Olympics in London, with the USA
                     prevailing over China on gold medals
                   Foie gras banned in California (forced feeding is the reason,
                      and, anyway, has abnormally high cholesterol and prices)

August       Mars Science Laboratory to land on Mars
                  Could this be the month that:
                      -  CERN confirms the "God Particle"?
                      -  LLNR attains net positive on laser fusion?

October      Xi Jinping will replace President Hu Jintao in China
                  Could this be the month of the new Godzilla movie?
                    (there have already been 28 different versions, and
                     the 29th, made in the USA, should be anti-nuclear)
                  U.S. unemployment at 7.9?

November  Obama will be re-elected to second term
                     (reasons: assassination of  Osama bin Laden, Occupy
                     movement, surviving Republican will be a Mormon),
                     and especially so if Ron Paul runs as an Independent              

In general for 2012:

  -  The most inflammatory crisis could well be Israel eliminating much of Iran's nuclear bomb efforts.

  -  No Peak Oil unless the above occurs and Iran blockades the Strait of Hormuz.

  -  No detectable (by humans) Global Warming.  There will never be a crisis.  At some point it will just be too late.

  -  The European financial crisis with their PIIGS will only get worse.

  -  All idled nuclear facilities in Japan will be restarted, and Germany may reconsider terminating nuclear power in 2020.

  -  Hugo Chavez of Venezuela will not survive (health or re-election), and neither will Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

  -  Zuckerberg’s law of sharing (annual doubling of social media information) will continue.

It is today 2012 for Samoa (Western, not the American one), which just skipped a day, and being near the International Date Line, placed itself on the western side.  Sydney, Australia already celebrated the New Year:

In the Indian Ocean, Cyclone Thane, the strongest storm this year, reaching a speed of 90 MPH, yesterday struck Tamil Nadu, killing at least 46 people.  Much further south and west, Cyclone Benilde, now at 125 MPH, will weaken and head towards Mauritius and Reunion.

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