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Saturday, December 3, 2011


Nothing like a happy face to open this posting, as I was visited by Molly today to offset my mostly depressing blogs of the past few weeks:  all the renewable energy options are in some state of challenge; worldwide (and especially in the USA), the masses are more and more listening to the disinformation specialists (those professional writers and congresspeople bankrolled by the fossil industry) on global climate changeSanta Ana winds up to 140 miles/hour (that's almost twice the minimum required of a hurricane) ripped through the American southwest; Europe is on the brink of bankruptcy; Islamics claimed the Tunisian and Egyptian elections and, yes, our government is screwed up.  I certainly don't need to reference that.

On the other hand, solar energy prices have continued to decline and sales are increasing; global warming is not as bad as we thought (note, though that this article is from Forbes) and, in fact there might be some positives (but they also listed 20 really bad negatives); the Santa Ana winds have stopped and I did not read of any deaths; if Europe follows my simple solution for their future, they should be fine (maybe Sarkozy and Merkel above might have a workable plan to share this week); of course Islamics won the Tunisian and Egyptian elections because Muslims are 98% of the former and 90% of the latter; and about our broken government, we are in better shape than any major country.  In fact, the USA remains as the only supreme power, have no challengers into the foreseeable future, and might well be the greatest nation ever.  Where else would you want to live?

What are some other issues?

1.  The American Economy?  Our unemployment rate dropped to 8.6%, the lowest level in two years.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now above the 12,000 level.

2.  A key factor to the future of our crippled government is that the Tea Party is in sharp decline.  Combined with the potential of the Occupy Movement, Democrats can only look forward to the Fall 2012 elections:

As it is more and more looking like Mitt Romney will be the Republican challenger to Barack Obama, I can already make an early prediction that at the end of the day on 6November2012, not only will Obama be re-elected, the House will also be controlled by Democrats.  Two key factors are that there will be a sufficient number of Republicans disenchanted with the Tea Party and others who will show a  kind of religious prejudice by just not bothering to vote.  John F. Kennedy became the first Catholic U.S. president (how many remember that Kennedy got 49.7% of the popular vote, but Richard Nixon received 49.5%), but Catholics represent about a quarter of our voters.  Less than 2% of Americans are Mormons.

Two more delightful developments include the University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine volleyball team  (Kanani Danielson and Britttany Hewitt below) winning last night, so will play the University of Southern California Trojans (is there a female version?) this coming Friday here in Honolulu for the Western Regionals.

Plus, after a tense first half,  #1 LSU crushed Georgia, and will play Alabama in the BCS Championship game in the New Orleans Superdome on January 9.  Coach Miles:


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