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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The Board, Advisors and Friends of Blue Revolution Hawaii had our annual dinner at Ocean House.  

The gathering was chaired by Leighton Chong, with Guy Toyama providing a powerpoint presentation on the Pacific International Ocean Station.  Above, Fuj Matsuda, Ken Sanders, Michael Asato, John Farias, Benny Ron, Guy Toyama, Bill Spencer, Pat Takahashi and Leighton Chong.  A two year developmental plan was discussed.  Otherwise we had a great time with fine food and fabulous wines.

The next morning started with golf at the Ala Wai GC.  I saw a nice rainbow and looked around for someone in our group to photograph, but by then the beauty had significantly diminished.  Anyway, Kuni Nogoshi and Kenji Sumida with a "small" rainbow in the background:

My final day at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel was topped off with another terrific lunch (mahimahi sandwich with the remainder of my Kenwood sparkling wine):

And an incredible dessert of chocolate ice cream and sorbet in the most delicious dish (sort of like thin  almond roca) I've ever eaten:

There were numerous distractions:

The Dow Jones Industrials fell a further 66 to 11,055, with world markets also mostly dropping.  Whoops, gold sunk an additional $31/toz to $1634, while both the WTI Cushing ($!00/barrel) and Brent Spot ($109/barrel) went up a couple of bucks.


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