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Monday, July 30, 2018


Mission Impossible began as a TV series in 1966, and continued into 1973, with theme music composed by Lalo Schifrin.  The title came from the fictional Mission Impossible Force, a deep black agency tasked with particularly challenging assignments.

The first Tom Cruise movie version was released in 1996, with the latest, Fallout, as #6.  Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg have recurring roles on the team.

Each sequel just about made more money than the one before, with #1 earning $80 million and #5 $178 million, for a current total just over $800 million.  Opening weekend for MI-6 in the U.S. showed $61.5 million, while #2, Mamma Mia 2, got $15 million.  But foreign revenues amounted to another $92 million, for a total of $153.5 million.  An eventual sum of $700 million is now anticipated, just for this film.

Similarly, reviews have mostly gone up.  They have continued to refine the formula, enhancing the next production. 

Rotten Tomatoes:

                                                       Reviewers  Audience

Mission Impossible       (1996)         63%        71%
Mission Impossible #2  (2000)         57%        43%
Mission Impossible #3  (2006)         70%        69%
MI:  Ghost Protocol       (2011)          93%       76%
MI:  Rogue Nation         (2015)          93%       87%
MI:  Fallout                     (2018)          98%       93%

What can I say?  Intense, confusing, noisy, mostly predictable, minimal plot, with a lot of twists, slick, non-stop, lengthy (2 hours and 27 minutes), entertaining and best movie of the summer.  Everyone is searching for John Lark, and you'll be forgiven if you leave the film not knowing who he was in this movie.  Why?  Because I had to read Wikipedia to determine this villain.

I got lost in all the personalities and didn't remember Ethan Hunt (that's Cruise) was once married.  She returns, happily married.  The White Widow kept getting mentioned, and I also couldn't figure out who she was, although it was clearly obvious.  That's her...above.  I'm not giving anything away.  I have limitations in what I today see, hear and think.  Everything got complexly compressed, but in afterthought and research, I'm now better comprehending.

Will there be a #7?  Paramount will find a way for another Cruise special, probably in mid-summer of 2021.  He is 56 and suffered a broken ankle on the set of Fallout.  Yet, he is determined to do many of those stunts.

But first, remember the 1986 Top Gun? Well, Tom with Val Kilmer and Jennifer Connelly are in Top Gun 2 (Maverick), scheduled for release a year from now.  Can you believe there is already a trailer?  And poster.  Or is that anticipating TG-6, for Cruise looks awfully old to the right.  That's how he looked in MI-6 a third of a century after TG-1.  Is that the current Kelly McGillis today?  Is she even in TG-2?


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