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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Day 70 of the Lower Puna Eruption, meaning it has been ten weeks since this activity began.  Today, the Star Advertiser reported on evacuation of the Kua o ka la Public Charter School and a GoFundMe campaign to help in their relocation.  

Also, these flows are destroying two endangered plants:  Nanawale haiwale (above) and Hilo ischaemum (right).  Also close to extinction is the only geothermal plant in Hawaii.

My two films this week began with the box office champ, Ant Man and the Wasp.  I avoid Marvel Comic productions like the plague, but somewhat enjoyed Deadpool 2 (after 8 weeks, still #10 this weekend), so thought I'd take a chance on this other effort, which was partly filmed in Hawaii.

In addition to Paul Rudd as Ant Man and Evangeline Lillie as the Wasp, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer and Lawrence Fishburne were prominent.  The whole thing is, of course, preposterous, but, hey, this is what movies are all about:
  • Return from the dead.
  • Quantum stuff.
  • A wisecrack or two at every opportunity.
  • Stan Lee, who is four years away to becoming centenarian, makes a cameo.
Rotten Tomatoes gave 86/79 ratings, not bad, actually.  Will there be a third?  Of course.  A profit of over $100 million is already anticipated for #2.  It was a worthy escape  experience.

My other film was Avalanche, with Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow, a 1978 production.  Rotten Tomatoes reviewers, best as I can tell, refused to rate it, while only 7% of the audience liked it.  So why did I bother?  Ah, this was a featured attraction in the revival of Mystery Science Theater 3000 last year.

MST3K picks the worst films of all time, and feeds comments to two obstreperous robots, Tom Servo and Crow T.  Don't expect me to review this Razzie-level disaster film.

Anyone actually watching this movie for the love of it, would be judged as certifiably nuts.  The commentary, however, was funny, wicked and priceless.  There are double and triple entendres, and you will want to watch it again to gain a deeper appreciation of the over-write creativity.

It was recently announced that this series will continue as season 12 with six more.  If you binge-watch, MST3K is definitely for you.

You will need to access Netflix see these episodes.   On the other hand, Comedy Central and the Sci-Fi Channel many times feature up to 12 of these productions during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Today, I'm also featuring another item scheduled to disappear:  the corned beef (canned version) and cabbage from 15 Craigside menu  If I were on the Dining Committee, I would have done everything to prevent this.  However, maybe this is good for my long-term health.  Anyway, I took-out an order and enhanced it for my breakfast this morning.

Notice a different look to my lanai herb garden, which has added a water lily bowl.  To prevent mosquitos proliferating, I added a few red moons and swordtails:

If you look closely, you will see two blooming water lilies, the my first since I moved into 15 Craigside:

Next, maybe I'll ad a couple of turtles.  Yes, they should be allowed to wander in their own environment, but better my water lily pond than a pet shop.  They will enjoy my kind of lifestyle:  ample food, high security and total comfort.


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