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Friday, July 27, 2018


Day 86 of the Lower Puna Eruption, with the usual 5+ earthquake at the summit, the 60th since May 3.

To my surprise, day 2 of neutrinos turned out to draw three times more viewers than part one.  So let me end in space, for tonight will be the longest lunar eclipse this century, which won't be matched until 2123 when I'm 143 years old.  You will be able to see this phenomenon just about everywhere, except North America and Hawaii.  But, as this blog site is visited by 221 countries, let me alert the rest of the world that this Blood Moon Eclipse will happen tonight (all local times):
  • Brazil:  the Moon will be in the umbral shadow of Earth as it rises at 5:27PM.
  • London:  the 8:51PM rising time will already show a total eclipse, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 9:21PM.
  • Capetown:  maximum eclipse at 10:21PM.
  • Greece:  rising at 9:24PM with peak at 11:21PM.
  • New Delhi:  eclipse will start at 10:44PM, and will turn red after 1AM on July 28.
  • Melbourne:  maximum eclipse will be at 6:21AM on July 28.
Why Blood Moon?  The color, but also:
  • 2000BC:    Babylonian seers were convinced that the Blood Eclipse foretold the fate of kings.
  • 1059 BC:   Shang overlord was eclipsed by Wen Zhou.
  • 413BC:      Athenian army was spooked by the red moon, panicked, and was captured by the Syracusan army.
My night photography technique needs some work, but at 2:30 this morning I took these photos of the Moon and Mars:

There are two tropical storms east of Hawaii, but neither one seems particularly threatening at this time:


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