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Friday, July 20, 2018


Day 79 of the Lower Puna Eruption, and here is a video clip from Big Island Video News.


  • Hawaii at 186.3 (#51) has more than twice (2.2) the cost of living index as Mississippi (#1) with 84. 
  • Just about exactly half as high?  New Mexico (#17) and Nebraska (#18).
  • New York at #48 only has an index of 133.9.
  • Housing is where we are off the charts, with an index of 295.8.  Mississippi?  68.5.
So why do people live here?
  • We might have the best weather on Planet Earth, if you don't live in the southern half of the Big Island.
  • While Alaska is the worst for crime, Hawaii is only #31.
  • We are the only state that grows coffee.
  • According to Thrillist, Hawaii is the #1 state (thank you Summer Nakaishi, who has lived in Chicago most of her life):
    • If in the Miss America contest, we would be Miss Congeniality.
    • Best beaches:  Dr. Beach has selected a Hawaii beach at the top 14 times in the past 25 years.
    • Proud of ethnic diversity.
    • For third year in a row, America's Heath Rankings named Hawaii as the healthiest state.
    • Out of 150 major cities, Honolulu had the most healthy environment.
    • Newlyweds rank Hawaii at #1.
    • Always in the top ten on happiness, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.
    • Best for older Americans.
    • Ah, we are also best at:
      • terrible traffic
      • Spam
      • homelessness
But I like Hawaii because almost everything I do is FREEEEE!  
  • Free whiffs of pikake and plumeria, assortment of colorful flowers, picking tamarind and guava to eat, view, and rainbows
  • This past Sunday I went to the FREE Ukelele Festival.  There is no better such concert in the whole world.
  • Tomorrow and Sunday, the 41st Prince Lot Hula Festival.  Once at Moanalua Gardens, the FREEE show is now at Iolani Place next to downtown Honolulu.  There is no competition, just fun.  Twelve halau hula will be showcased on Saturday beginning at 9:30AM.  And this will be preceded at 8:30 by the famous Kamehameha Alumni Glee Club.  There will be poi pounding, lauhala weaving kapa, ipu meke, feather lei and ukelele making and more.  Food will feature Hawaiian plates and shave ice.  Tours through Iolani Place will be FREEE.  This all continues from 10AM to 3:05PM on Sunday with Hawaii Aloha.  Bring your own chair.  
  • Prince Lot, incidentally later reigned as King Kamehameha V.  Click here for the full schedule.
    • He  became king only after he called for a constitutional convention.
    • During his reign from 1863-72 Hawaii became international, for there were visits from Mark Twain, the Duke of Edinburgh and interaction with Germany, from where came Henri Berger, who organized the Royal Hawaiian Band.
We also have the most beautiful and free rainbows, daily:

Where else do you have Diamond Head?  I will perhaps tomorrow further develop how the Blue Revolution is progressing, but my office at the University of Hawaii is currently being used for a year by Hiro from Nihon University, the second Blue Revolution professor, and we first went to J-Shop to buy wagyu/sashimi bentos, where they were passing out freshly grilled pieces of Japanese wagyu beef and, also, maguro sashimi.  Free wagyu and sashimi this weekend, too, at J-Shop.  Go.  We then went on to Magic Island for lunch under the shade of a coconut tree with a view of Diamond Head:


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Anonymous said...

Top two photos looked like Double Rainbows!!!! Where else but in Hawaii and FREEEEE!