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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

SIX HOURS TO SEATTLE: Hint of What is to Come

Day 42 of the Lower Puna Eruption, yet another 5+ eruption at the summit and lava continues to flow into the ocean.  A delta larger than 250 acres has been created where once there was Kapoho Bay.  The flow out of fissure 8 is estimated to be 26,000 gallons/ second, or 12 commercial dump trucks per second.

Otherwise, I continue to eat, while mostly interacting with nature this past week, beginning with a corned beef/cabbage and ginger pork bento at Magic Island under a coconut tree shade in my portable recliner.  My Hawaiian turtle came by to say hi.  

A 15 Craigside lanai meal of lau lau, lomi salmon, chicken long rice, O-toro sashimi and rice at sunset, ending with a snifter of Louis XIII cognac:

The Gold Tree was blooming at 15 Craigside:

I stopped by the Koala Moa rotisserie chicken stand on Nimitz Highway heading towards the Honolulu Airport, bought a huli-huli chicken bento and had it at Pier 33:

Tomorrow, I begin some serious development of SIX HOURS TO SEATTLE, my upcoming docu-novel of Hilo falling into the sea, creating a mega-tsunami heading for Seattle.  I'm now considering introducing the impact this force of water could have on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, where an earthquake of up to 9.2 moment magnitude could subsequently occur.  I'll be on Alaska Air 876, departing Kona at 10:55 AM on Saturday, June 16, with an intended destination of Seattle.  I could well see the potential calamity happening, for I'll be in seat 1A.  As you must know by now, the speed of a tsunami is just about exactly that of a commercial jetliner.

Good news, for Bud has now shriveled into a tropical storm, still potent enough to bring a lot of rain and wind to Baha:


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