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Sunday, June 10, 2018


Day 38 of Lower Puna Eruption and only fissure #8 is producing lava.  Another 5+ magnitude earthquake at Halemaumau Crater this morning.  To recap:
Yes, I ate the largest strawberry in the world.  Or, at least, an unusually humongous chocolate-covered one.  I caught The Bus to Waikiki, but stopped off at the King Kamehameha statue to photograph those leis.  There was a parade in his honor yesterday and Monday is his day, a local holiday.

The Marriott Waikiki Resort has 1300 or so rooms.  This hotel was once called the Hawaii Regent, where I had my retirement party almost 20 years ago.  So this was a homecoming of sorts.

My corner room is fabulous, just across the street from Waikiki Beach with a panoramic view:

I walked around and had lunch at Momosan, the second Morimoto restaurant in the Alohilani Resort.

I sat outside to get a better view, and had a curry rice / pork skin ramen combo with kim chee, plus a glass of Sapporo.  A good beginning to my staycation.  What you see cost me $30 with tax and tip.

Next door, I saw this sign for Morimoto Asia, so made a reservation for a Sunday dinner, and asked for a parade view.  

Fat chance, but there will be the Pan Pacific parade beginning at 5PM.

For dinner I ate at the Kuhio Beach Grill, a buffet in the Marriott, which provided 25% off and free glasses of wine and beer.  Couldn't have the crab legs, so settled on their prime rib:

That top/right dish was a tacos.  The desserts were bountiful, and this is where I had the largest chocolate covered strawberry in the world:

With tax and tip....$50.   On M-Th nights, the meal is half-off for everyone.  But this was Saturday night.  At least I got Alaskan Crab Legs...which I could not eat because of my crustacean allergy.  Ah, but free drinks.

Woke up this morning to almost no one on Waikiki Beach, but a lot of surfers:

My free (non-Elite members pay $35) buffet breakfast in Kuhio Beach Grill was excellent, again with a view of Waikiki Beach:

Today?  Not sure.  I have a free day in Waikiki, but there will be an evening parade plus my reservation at Morimoto Asia.


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