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Saturday, June 23, 2018


Day 52 of the Lower Puna Eruption and activity continues. Six hundred fourteen homes have been destroyed and the market value loss has totaled $372 million.


I walked out of the Anchorage Sheraton around noon, felt the 54 F temperature /15 MPH wind, and went back to add on more clothes.  The highest temperature occurs between 5 and 6PM.  Walked into town...well, it began to rain, so I dropped into the nearest door, which happened to be a Mexican restaurant, La Cabana, which was packed.  How inappropriate for my first restaurant meal in Alaska.

Ordered a margarita and watched Brazil finally win a World Cup match, plus on a second large screen, Oregon State maul Mississippi State in the College World Series.  It occurred to me that life is wonderful:  Mexican lunch in Anchorage while watching the World Cup from Russia and baseball from Omaha.  Makes you wonder why there are teams from Senegal, Saudi Arabia and Iceland, but none from the USA and Italy.  Twelve different Russian cities are hosting matches, with the final game on July 15 in Moscow. 

This was my best Mexican meal since Mexico Lindo, and, maybe even better.  I ordered two beef tacos:

The two salsa concoctions were good, but I need to find a bottle of El Yucateco Hot Habanero , which was over the top.

A 4-pack is $14.49 from Amazon, but the 3 red ones only go for $10.

But it will take me two lifetimes to finish them.

Tomorrow, salmon and more.


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