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Thursday, June 28, 2018


Day 57 of the Lower Puna Eruption, and the latest headline has to do with looting.  Apparently, thieves are landing by boat and taking items like solar panels and water heaters, for areas are closed off to residents, and there is no enforcement.  Otherwise, the usual earthquakes and, this morning, a plume up to 15,000 feet.

Global warming has regularly been deprecated by President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  From a Gallup poll:

In general, Democrats view global warming seriously, while Republicans view it skeptically:
  • Ninety-one percent of Democrats and 33% of Republicans say they worry a great deal or fair amount about global warming, but 67% of Republicans worry only a little or not at all.
  • While 82% of Democrats think global warming has already begun to happen, only 34% of Republicans agree. Rather, 57% of Republicans think it will not happen in their lifetime (25%) or will "never happen" (32%).
  • About seven in 10 Republicans (69%) think the seriousness of global warming is exaggerated in the news, 15% think it is generally correct and 15% say it is generally underestimated. Democrats, however, are much more likely to think the seriousness of global warming is underestimated (64%) or correct (32%), and just 4% say it is exaggerated.

Here is a running list of how Trump is changing the environment.  Surely enough, the FY2019 budget proposed by the White House further reduces the NOAA budget by 20%, primarily aimed at climate change research.

Head cheerleader for global warming is James Hansen, someone I've been communicating with for a very long time.  He today sent me an opinion piece he wrote for the Boston Globe, entitled Thirty years later, what needs to change in our approach to climate change.  Of course what he's saying makes sense, but does this make a difference to Republican lawmakers and Donald Trump?  No.  


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