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Saturday, January 7, 2017


I've long attempted to find monumental solutions for Planet Earth and Humanity:

So why am I now pontificating on soup (my posting on January 1), pillows (two days ago) and shirts (yesterday)?

I guess the answer is that I'm balancing this blog site by sharing things about myself.  My cuisine, travels, entertainment options and attempts to live longer.

A reader yesterday sent me a link to towels and why she changes them every day.  On average in the U.S.:
  • everyday (16%)
  • 2-3 times/week (33%)
  • once/week (40%)
  • 2 weeks or more (11%)
To summarize:
  • even after one day, towels harbor significant numbers of bacteria, yeasts and molds
  • men provide a lot more E. coli (10 times more than women after two weeks)
  • but, a female towel just after one day contains 100 times more viable yeast organisms
The resultant recommendation was changing once per week, but I'm now more inclined to do this daily, except that 15 Craigside does this for free every seven days, and I can tolerate this delay in light of the extra labor, energy and water requirements.

Okay, so much for towels.  One more truly simple solution for living longer.  I've long felt that taking regular hot baths was good for me.  I had to talk my personal doctor into writing a memo to the 15 Craigside administration for me to install a bathtub.  They hate to do this here and charged me an outrageous $10,000 to install an almost dangerous tub-type.  There was no other option.  This was their practice and exorbitant cost to dissuade residents.  There are only 4 bathtubs in this entire building.

Anytime I visibly sweat, I reward my body with a bath, soothed by music from a bluetooth Bose/iPod system and a generous alcoholic drink.  My blood pressure, which could be 135/85, usually drops to 115/65 after a bath.  The veins on my arms become valleys.  I feel great!

I checked the internet and could not find any medical studies to prove that baths are good for you.  However, The Huffington Post had an article entitled, How Baths can Benefit Your Body and Mind.  A Senior Living blogsite reporting on the Top 5 Places Where People Live the Longest, hints that baths are one reason why.  Okinawa is #1, and you know they take baths there.  #5 was Ikaria, Greece, where people there are three times more likely to reach 90 than Americans, and there is almost no dementia.  Their secret?  Mineral hot springs.  Hawaii, incidentally, was noted as having the highest life expectancy at birth than any state in the Union.  World-wide, Japan is #1 and Macau #2, and residents there do take regular baths.  The article goes out of its way to say, avoid refined sugar.

To reinforce my contention, an article this morning showed that men who take frequent saunas live longer.  This was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  The country is Finland, and those who enjoyed a sauna two or three times/week had a 23% lower risk of coronary problems, compared with only once per week.  If four to seven times/week, this practice lowered risk rose to 48%. There's got to be a connection between hot baths and saunas.
Analyzing why baths and saunas can increase your life expectancy, the minimization of stress reduces inflammation, perspiration rids your body of poisons and the resultant enhanced mental attitude are all factors that promote longevity.  Clean body, clean mind and long life.


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