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Thursday, January 5, 2017


You've all seen Mike Lindell, inventor of MyPillow.  Here is a 30-minute clip if you like to learn more about him.

His first pillow was sold in 2005, and the company struggled for six years.  Then, the product took off after an infomercial in October of 2011.  The long infomercial now runs 200 times/day.  They have sold 10 million pillows and his staff of 50 has grown to 600.  Guinness is set to name their pillow fight involving 6,241 participants at a St. Paul Saints baseball game as the world's largest.

Their pillow is of patented design involving a mix of open-cell shredded polyurethane foam.  There is also a resin that enables the foam to retain the shape when molded to the user's preference.  The pillow is non-allergenic, dust mite resistant, washable and dryable.   There is a 10-year warranty.  IN FACT, THIS IS WHERE I WAS STUNNED.  IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THE PILLOW BE WASHED AND DRIED EVERY FOUR MONTHS.  TWO MONTHS IF YOU ARE PARTICULARLY ALLERGIC TO SOMETHING.  HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE EVER WASHED YOUR PILLOW?  I've never washed a pillow in my life.

Donald Trump would love Lindell's company, for not only is the pillow manufactured in the USA (Minnesota), but all materials are domestically produced.  To quote Lindell:

I truly believe MyPillow is the best pillow in the world; if everyone had one, they would get the best sleep ever, and the world would be a better place.  God Bless!

Portions of proceeds go toward The Lindell Foundation, a charity that assists addicts, veterans, cancer patients and other people in need.  Apparently, the National Sleep Foundation endorses this product, and, no, it is legit.  Lindell does not run the organization.  

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received 220 complaints for false advertisement.
  • A few months ago MyPillow paid out $1.1 million to California  counties for saying that its pillows treat symptoms of fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, cerebral palsy and acid reflux.  They basically used anecdotal data to make these claims.
  • Lindell is not a sleep expert.
  • BBB just a few days ago revoked the accreditation for MyPillow and lowered their rating to F.  Why?  For years now they have advertised buy one and get one free.  Apparently, you can't do this for a long period.  Not exactly a condemning practice.  Interesting that the day this action occurred, I received two MyPillows in the mail.
You can go to Walmart and get a range of pillows from $5 to $20 or so.  However, one day, I saw a MyPillow while checking out, for in the wall of TV-sold products were a few.  The price was about $40.  When I went home, I thought, shucks, I should have bought one, as the MyPillow internet site showed a price of $90 for two queen pillows, and $100 for two king pillows.  Because I trust Amazon, I ordered from them and paid $130 with free shipping.  I then thought I'd buy a third MyPillow, went back to Walmart, and they had none left.

So is my MyPillow worth three times the best standard pillow from Walmart, many of which can be washed?  I would say NO.  MyPillow is kind of clumpy and fat, although, your head settles in a manner that is comfortable.  (Note that the king-size almost sticks out of the standard pillow cover.)  I got to admit I perhaps slept better, whatever that means.  The first night I when I awoke I had a feelable itch on the right side of my chin, which could have been the result of dermabrasion or allergy.  I had the same type of itch when I bought my favorite yellow shirt.  My blog tomorrow will feature MY SHIRTS.  But this itch eventually went away regarding my yellow shirt, and did not occur after night #2 of MyPillow.

Will I wash MyPillow every four months?  Probably not, but, certainly, at least once/year, if not twice.

My recommendation?  Look, I typically pay $300/night for a typical hotel room in major capitals of the world.    Some of my lunches cost more than $130.  Two MyPillows for $130 that will last the rest of my life are trivial expenses.  If I later find out I hate them, I can always go to Walmart and buy two more that are washable for $40.  I don't think my trusted old pillows are washable.  Then, I can use these two MyPillows for guests who might stay the night.  Then wash them.


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