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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I was, of course, here just last month on the Pride of America.  However, I only walked around downtown, if you can call it that, Kona.  Yesterday I caught the free Kona Trolley and went for a two hour ride.  The last time I looked around Kona was at least a decade ago, and things have changed here:
  • The volcanic haze is worse.
  • There are several new shopping centers.
  • There is increased vitality:  more tourists, cars and activity.
The trolley costs $2 on entrance, but Sheraton guests just show our room card.  The sign says 34 maximum, but I think ours had at least 50 on board.  There are 33 stops, at just about every place you would want to go in Kona.  This system would make a lot of sense for hotels in Waikiki in partnership with The Bus.  The seats on the trolley are wooden, and two hours is a long time to remain seated.  However, better than standing.  

Another cruise ship was in town:

The Sheraton is at the south end, and a brewery complex is abuilding in the north.  I dropped off at the Keauhou Shopping Center to have lunch:

I had onion rings and a Kona Ale from Tropics Taps House.  On the walk back to the Sheraton I stopped by the Kona Country Club and bought a shirt.  I asked if I could cut across the golf course to get to the Sheraton, and the person who sold me the shirt said to go down to the cart area and someone would drop me off at the entrance.  How nice.  What does the shirt look like?  I'll wear it to dinner this coming week.

Took a hot bath, then prepared for my friends to show up for a private reception.  I had brought bottles of Stanford Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc, plus got a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, for my freshman roomie, Jim, brought back to our room an empty bottle of this brew every weekend.  With some Maui potato chips and macadamia nuts, we had a nice reunion.  Jim is in back with Victoria, Kathy in front and her brother Ron.

We then went down to Ray's for dinner.  Loved my martini:

Our waitress said that there are 30 feral cats that live in and around the restaurant.  Actually, they are well-fed with a veterinarian.

The group at sunset:

I had a poke with taro chips and lettuce from a Caesar salad, but with three kinds of dressings:  Caesar, ume and truffle something or another.

Loved my meal.  We waited for the manta rays:

However, the Sheraton lights were not scheduled to go on until 9PM, so we gave up and went home.

Next, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which will be reported on Thursday, for Wednesdays are for PEARL'S ASHES.


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