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Friday, May 8, 2015


We all dream, but I generally can't remember most of mine.  However, every so often, almost always when I prematurely wake up, a few vivid ones can be recalled.  More than four years ago this blog site posted a particularly colorful one, which I later published as "Suicide Dreams" in The Huffington Post, and that dream went on for at least an hour, it seemed.  A daffy dream came a couple of years later.  A year and a half ago I tried some pills to lose weight and had two incredible dreams, reported as CAN YOU GET VIVID DREAMS WITH GARCINIA CAMBOGIA?  I quit taking these pills almost immediately (mostly because I avoid pills of any sort whenever I can, but also after I read that it was possible your body structural muscles could be weakened), and for some reason, this posting regularly returns on the list of most read blog entries.  I show Dr. Oz because I saw him featuring Garcina Cambogia, an almost unlikely conjunction of events because that was the one and only of his TV programs I ever watched.

I'm now in San Francisco and last night had three nightmarish dreams.  Every few years I find myself in a boxing corner waiting for the bell to sound.  My opponent is vaguely there to destroy me, and the prospects of pain and worse are palpable.  Fortunately enough, the fight never occurs.  I suspect the recent Mayweather-Pacquiao bout influenced my brain to revive this particular haunting.

The second dream had no connection to present reality and was the only sequence that had any action.  In a closet at home I saw a two inch gekko peeking out of a square opening in the corner.  But behind this tiny creature was a yard long lizard that kept staring at me.  I'm not particularly afraid of small ones, but the giant monster had teeth, reminded me of a Komodo Dragon, but darted around and was really fast.  My late wife, Pearl, was not a fan of these reptiles, so she told me to get rid of them.  I tried, and both dinosaurs somehow escaped the closet and ran outside, so I closed the door.  End of dream.

The third dream was much longer and had me returning to my hotel room in San Francisco to change, except that what I walked into must have been my bedroom of sometime long past, for I vaguely recalled that my choice should have been all black from what I brought on this trip.  I saw a familiar blue jogging suit, but instead selected a white jacket, which too, was something I once had.  I then found myself walking around in San Francisco, except people were dressed differently.  I noticed that my jacket pockets were bulging.  There were small plastic bottles of after shave lotion, vitamins and such, and it occurred to me that these must have been placed there decades ago.  

One item in particular was particularly fascinating.  There were several thin glass squares (about 2"x2") with strange designs that appeared to somehow link with the future or past.  These strange people came up to me, shook my hand and were very friendly.  One Chinese lady was interested in these glass squares, which I happened to be holding.  

At this point I wondered where I was, so peered over a wall and saw what looked like San Francisco's old City Hall, but the building was colored a pale gold.

At that point there was a slight jostling of the ground and I asked someone what day this was.  There was no response, although my impression was a sense that I was in San Francisco just before the 1906 earthquake.  However, like my boxing match, I woke up before anything happened.  Here is City Hall today, which is an entirely new structure built a couple of blocks away from the original.

Today I return to Honolulu and, if I get back in time, will join my 15 Craigside dining outers at Sarento's, an Italian restaurant with Greek undertones at the Top of the Ilikai. The owner is Aaron Placourakis, who was my neighbor a third of a century ago.  His wife, Tina, was a Miss Hawaii and later became a black belt martial artist.  Fifteen years ago, their son, Jesse, was a judo star:

Typhoon Noul is at 120 MPH with gusts up to 150 MPH, and will further strengthen into a Category 4 hurricane.  The track shows the eye making landfall far north of Manial, then heading for the east coast of Taiwan:

This type of storm could well in a little more than a week from now get to Japan.


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