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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MONDAY NIGHT AT 15C: A Belated Cinco de Mayo

Our Monday night table at 15 Craigside bases our beverage selection on holidays and other events.  Two weeks ago we had sake and shochu to compare our meal with the State Dinner for Premier Shinzo Abe at the White House.  On April 14 we had Mai Tais and Pina Coladas to celebrate the fact that we're in Hawaii.  One of the Monday night seven, Bob, rounded up some real sugar cane to serve as swizzle sticks.  We cut no corners.  We once had five colors of Johnny Walker scotch.  Next week we will feature Rob Roys, which have a loose link to Scotland, so we'll have Scotch appetizers (but no haggis) and softly play Scottish music (we don't want to irritate the other tables in our dining room).

But last night, as I was away the previous week, we honored Cinco de Mayo with margaritas, featuring three tequilas and two kinds of tortilla chips.  Dexter is our mixmaster, his wife Emily in the background.

Salad:  Polly, Mino and Emily, with Tracie watching.  There was also a bottle of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, which reminded me of my stay in that Italian port town, which is pretty close in spelling to margarita.

Thinking ahead about the repercussions from too much tequila, most skipped the sweet sour pork, might have had the Mexican tortilla soup (to keep in the spirit), plus corn on the cob (maybe illegal, because, here, if you order from the kitchen, you can't also have the featured dish/sides), and ordered oxtail soup (it worked, for I feel fine this morning):

We tend to bring our own dessert (we need a patissier, or pastry chef, here), and had Chinatown's Lee's Bakery's peach and pear pie, topped with, for me, expresso ice cream:

Not a particularly spectacular Monday Night experience, but wait till next week for our Scottish theme, with no haggis.  

Tomorrow I report on the global adventure of the Solar Impulse, now in Nanjing.  If the weather is good enough, it is expected to leave China for Hawaii just about now.

Once Super Typhoon Noul has brought a lot of rain to Japan, but Tropical Storm Dolphin, still only at 60 MPH, will soon become a typhoon, skirt the southern coastline of Guam, and, at this time, is projected to attain Category 4 strength and head for Naha, Okinawa:


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