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Friday, May 1, 2015


First, there were several surprises on my United flight, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in First Class, from Honolulu to San Francisco:
  • There are no screens, no listenable music, no entertainment.
  • I was looking forward to watching the NFL draft on DirecTV, which costs an additional $3-$8 depending on length of trip.
  • You need to install a United app unto your iPad or computer before you board to access them all.
  • However, United has not gotten around to installing this system yet on their B787 even if you got the app.
  • It was warmer inside the airport than outside.  At 10PM it was 73 F at SFO.
Second, today I BART to Berkeley to walk the University of California campus, then lunch at Chez Panisse.  Return tomorrow for the details.

But about those sporting events:
  • Just a few miles from my SFO airport hotel is the World Golf Championships-Cadillace Match at TPC Harding Park.
  • NBA and NHL playoffs continue.  NBA finals begin from June 4.  The season began in October!
  • Saturday:  Kentucky Derby (they say the best way to have a Mint Julep is to mix the sugared water and mint, throw them away, and pour the bourbon over ice)--at the Derby, only Old Forester is used, and 120,000 Mint Juleps will be sold on this day and the Kentucky Oaks on Friday.  1000 pounds of mint.  Post time:  6:24 PM EDT.
  • Saturday:  Floyd "Money" Mayweather vs Manny "Pac Man" Pacquaio, around 11:30 PM EDT.
  • Mayweather is 38 years old, but has a 47-0 record.
  • Paquiao is 36, with a 57-5-2 record (two draws).
  • Twitter followers favor Pac Man by 54% to 46% for Money.
  • And the winner is....Las Vegas.  
    • 150,000 rooms are at capacity
    • cheapest seats in stands were initially $1500, but now are close to $4,000
  • 11,500 paid $10 just to watch the weigh-in today, but for tomorrow:
    • cheapest on floor was $26,000, with a ringside seat on sale for $351,005
    • there will be bomb sniffing dogs throughout the arena
    • closed circuit tickets are $1000 (only a limited number of venues in town--in other words, nearly everyone who came into Vegas for the fight WON'T be able to watch it)
    • will be bigger than the Super Bowl or New Year's Eve
    • last week, MGM standard rooms were $250, on Saturday...$1550.
    • Showtime and HBO pay-per-view will generate $300 million
Betting odds depend on which sports and country.  In the U.S.
  • Mayweather is at -225 which means if you bet $225, you return $225+$100=$325
  • -225 is equivalent to 2.25/1, thus, bet $2.25 and win $1, or return $3.25
  • Pacquiao is at +175, which means if you bet $100, you return $175+$100=$275   
  • Fight goes into 12 round   -310, bet $310, return $410
  • Fight ends by 10th round +240, bet $100, return $340
  • Mayweather to win in round 1, odds of 33/1, which means if you bet $1, you get $34
  • Betters expect the fight to be determined by decision after 12 full rounds (once was 15)
    • Going the distance:  -300, bet $300, return $400
    • Not going distance: +230, bet $100, return $330
  • In case you did not get a good view above, here are the Tecate girls (they show the round number):  Vanessa, Janira, Dessie and Alana:


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