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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This will be the only summary of Kenji's Golf Safari (my middle name is Kenji, but this Kenji in charge of the expedition is Kenji Sumida) in the vicinity of Napa.  Yesterday, we spent Cinco De Mayo at Los Reyes, our Mexican bar in Vacaville, something we have been doing now for three years.  Lefty, Wally, Leroy, Kenji (who has been organizing this outing for 17 years), Andy and Dave:

Seven of us are from Hawaii and Dave, who was director of the Florida Solar Energy Center for essentially forever, is from Florida.  Basically, we golf, eat and spend periods of imbibition to lubricate our discussion about Planet Earth and Humanity.  Here we are back at our hotel with some take-out from Outback:

For me, a gloriously bloomin' onion and baked potato soup with a cup of Bogle Merlot and bottle of beer.  I have suggested French Laundry, but the best we have thus far risen to is Texas Rodehouse, known for free peanuts, where you throw the shell to the floor.  A typical afternoon gathering:

If you're wondering why we're wearing towels, it was very cold.  Each day of our golfing adventure features a cocktail of some sorts.  Here, martinis with jalapeƱo olives:

We have had margarita day, and tomorrow, Bloody Marys.  At Los Reyes I had a beef fajitas, which was sizzling and superb, assortment of sides, and a margarita:

Excellent Mexican cuisine.

Here, Sakura in Fairfield:

You can't possibly be interested in this, but after five consecutive days of golf, Andy, second from left above, won, and I came in last.  The most appropriate photo worthy of showing are four ducks at one of the courses:

Well, Noul has finally become a typhoon, now at 85 MPH, but is expected to at least reach Category 4  (131-155 MPH) strength:

The composite computer model has Typhoon Noul making landfall in the northern Philippines:

However, the expected 5-day path of the eye shows more of a skirting along the east side of the north, then on to Kaohsiung, Taiwan:


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