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Saturday, October 20, 2012


I tend to remember dreams more lately.  This is because I wake up once or twice to take a pee, and I only recall those soon after awakening.

I had a long and truly vivid dream early last year, "Suicide Dreams," which was published in The Huffington Post.  These happen only, at best, once a year.  Most of the ones I can recollect are amorphous, and the one last night occurs, maybe, once a week.

I was walking around near downtown Honolulu, possibility in the vicinity of Chinatown.  I was not sure where I was going and seemed to be in an advanced stage of dementia.  This is not a signal of something I should be concerned about because this has been the general nature of most of my dreams all my life.

With no transition, I then found myself in a cafeteria, perhaps at Central Middle School, because that is where I went.  But that was around 55 years ago.  I have never re-visited this campus, and maybe my mind was telling me as now that I had only a week or so ago attended a lecture at my high school, McKinley, on nanotechnology, I should also link with Central.  

Anyway, there was a crowd of 50 people making small talk.  We then were asked to sit down for lunch.  Picture six park-type bench tables end on end, with twelve of us sitting on one side.  I sat to the extreme left.  I can't recall any of those eating, but they were all kind of semi-famous.  The only name I might mention is former State Senator Joe Kuroda.  But that is because I just him on TV endorsing someone for public office.  Standing behind us was, I think, the Superintendent of Education, Kathryn Matayoshi, or some female who seemed to be moderating, for across us were TV cameras and reporters observing what must have been a typical student lunch.

The details are sketchy, but each of us had a large bowl of kabocha (pumpkin) soup:

Another of boiled squash:

 and a huge plate of what looked like loco moco, but instead of rice were mashed potatoes.    Sort of a Shepherd's Pie:

There was a gigantic cube of poi bread:

It was least 6 inches on each side.  I remember the purple tinge.  But the drinks were totally bizarre:  small bottle of 5-Hour Energy, which I reported on earlier this year, with the obviously bright colors:

 And a 12 ounce bottle of Jinro Soju,  which has an alcohol content of 24%:

Clearly, I dream in technicolor. 

I thought there was no way I could eat all that food and should have commented that these drinks were illegal for students.  Instead, I only stated that there were too many calories, and the audience laughed, but not in agreement.  The general sense was this lunch was about right.  The moderator said the bread was mostly air.  Another person actually asked for a cup, but was derided by that lady (Matayoshi?) that you must drink from the bottle.  Totally illogical, and at this point I woke up.  Worse, maybe with the 5-Hour Energy in mind, it was 2:47AM and I could not get back to sleep.  After a couple of hours I decided to post this blog.

Maybe my mind was chiding me for eating all that fancy food in my blogs.  I don't know, but perhaps someone can interpret this dream for me.


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