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Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have called Barack Obama Gray and Platinum.  He is now also Green, and, ironically enough, Mitt Romney is Black.  Now that we saw the first debate, clearly won by Romney, here are the next three:

  1.  October 11:  Kentucky--Joe Biden-Paul Ryan, all topics..

  2.  October 16:  New York--Obama-Romney, town meeting on foreign and domestic policy

  3.  October 22:  Florida--Obama-Romney, foreign policy (same format as first one).

The first debate occurred in Colorado, which is a toss-up state.  However, the issue that will actually have some traction, and maybe the only state where this will make a difference, is energy.  Their views are so dramatically different that they well represent the difference between the two parties.  Mitt Romney showed so much animosity towards Green Energy, that I thought a comparison on this subject for the two candidates would be useful.

The following is extracted from an article by Daniel Weiss and Jackie Weidman of the Center for American Progress (their CEO worked for Obama, and the organization is considered to be a balance against think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute):

1.  Oil and gas:  OBAMA--domestic oil production at highest in 15 years
                                          oil imports lowest in 15 years
                                          gas production at highest ever
                      ROMNEY--suggested drilling off Florida and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

2.  Tax breaks:   OBAMA--wants to eliminate the $4 billion annual tax breaks for Big Oil
                       ROMNEY--continue those breaks, and add another $2.3 billion

3.  Clean Energy:  OBAMA--doubled renewable energy production
                                              supports of production tax credit for wind energy
                           ROMNEY--would cut funding for renewables
                                              opposes production tax credit for wind

4.  Fuel economy:  OBAMA--double auto fuel economy by 2025
                            ROMNEY--opposes fuel-economy standards

5.  Green jobs:  OBAMA--3.1 million green jobs in 2011
                      ROMNEY--calls green jobs fake and illusory

6.  Climate change:  OBAMA--issued first-ever CO2 reduction requirements
                             ROMNEY--believes the issue is unsettled

7.  Coal:  OBAMA--reduce air pollution from coal plants
             ROMNEY--aggressively develop coal

8.  Keystone XL Pipeline:  OBAMA--complete environmental analysis
                                        ROMNEY--approve pipeline on Day One regardless

There is a whole lot more in the article, but it is clear that Obama is green and Romney is black.  If Romney again and again prevails in these debates, the prospects of a dark and dirty energy future become real and are frightening!


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