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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Tuesday is the second worst day of the week, so I'll continue my efforts to make you feel better.  First, to appear in the Guinness 2013 publication, the world's tallest dog, Zeus, lives in Michigan, is a four-year old Great Dane, stands 3ft 8in (with four feet on the ground) and weighs 150 pounds:

According to his owner, Denise and Kevin Doorlag of Kalamazoo, Michigan, he is a therapy dog, volunteering at the local hospital, and likes to sit on laps.  He takes naps on the Doorlag's bed during the daytime, but is banished to his queen-sized futon in another room at night.

However, the current world's heaviest dog is Hercules, an English Mastiff, living in Peabody, Massachusetts, coming in at 282 pounds:

The very heaviest was Zorba, also an English Mastiff, from the UK, at 343 pounds:

Also from jolly ole England, 67-year old retired surveyer Peter Glazebrook grows monstrous vegetables.  Here he is with his 18 pound onion:

That's not all, for here he is with his 18.5 feet parsnip:

He won a prize with his colossal cabbage, weighing in at a tad over 81 pounds:

He lives in Newark, east of Liverpool and north of London. Guess what?

Actually, the world's heaviest cabbage is the 126 pounder from Alaska, grown by Steve Hubacek.  You want large?  Go to the Alaska State Fair.  This is supposed to be a 135 pound cabbage (but the official record remains 126 pounds):

The fair is always held during final week of August into the first week of September, in Palmer, which is a 45 minute drive north of Anchorage. 

Finally, the world's largest vegetable weighs a ton, literally:

Grown in Rhode Island, this one weighed in at 2009 pounds.

Had a great sunset tonight:


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