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Saturday, October 13, 2012


This has been a heavy week of OTEC, nanotechnology, cloning and hydrogen, so let me lighten up and enjoy this Hawaiian Fall Saturday beginning with some color on my roof:

Next, on to my first football tailgate in a decade, if not two.  From where I am composing this blog, I look to the west, and Aloha Stadium is somewhere beyond those white buildings:

This is a Japanese tailgate with the following drinks and snack assortment:

The first course was a combination of boiled soybeans and peanuts, while the final entre was an incredible pan fried mochiko chicken with chinese peas, onions, carrots, macro algae, shiitake mushrooms and other delicacies.

Why am I going to watch the the University of New Mexico play the University of Hawaii, one of the ten worst college football teams?  Harry Olson, the Spark Matsunaga Fellow in Geothermal Energy spent ten years here and what he and Connie remember most were these tailgates, including the von Appen years, when we did not win a game one year.  They are here for a couple of weeks from their home in Denver and requested re-living this experience.  The tailgate was great, with the generous Souzas also providing various barbequed meats (sorry but my camera must have malfunctioned in the parking lot).  Unfortunately, the best part of the game was at halftime:


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