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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Thomas L. Friedman had a thoughtful article today in the local newspaper:

He cites George Friedman (no relation):
Is the Islamic State really a dilemma for the United States? The American interest is not stability but the existence of a dynamic balance of energy in which all players are effectively paralyzed so that no one who would threaten the United States emerges.

Thus, the best U.S. strategy is:

Doing as little as possible and forcing regional powers into the fray, then in maintaining the balance of power in this coalition.

This war in the Middle East is over the soul of Islam.  Yes, the USA is like a lightning rod by poking our nose into their business.  They don't want us there and 9/11 was a statement showing their jealousy of everything we represent.  Thus, if we just simply leave the region, there is good reason we could be left alone.  Sure, every so often there could well be another car bomb or terrorist mischief, but we'd save several trillion dollars by avoiding this portion of the world.  Can you believe this Harvard University analysis that the Afghanistan and Iraq wars will cost us $6 trillion?  That is $75,000 for every American household.  I might further add that we have suffered 5,500 military there have been more than 1.7 million non-American casualties.

Of course, we will never pull out of the Middle East for the following reasons:

  • Israel and Survival
  • Iran and the Atomic Bomb
  • Republicans
  • Military Industrial Complex
You can read World Affairs and The Week for the details.

Ho Hum, for the second day in a row, the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke an all-time high, up 109 to 17,266.


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