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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I sometimes poke fun at things on Wednesday, Hump Day.  This all began when Caleb the GEICO Camel Hump Day commercial became popular.  How many times have you seen this one hump Dromedary on your TV set?  Caleb came in at #7 on You Tube last year with 19 million views.

Doubtlessly, many don't know that GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company.  They also made that green guy, the GEICO Gekko, famous, and Maxwell the pig.  And they spent $1 billion in commercials last year, overtaking Allstate to become #2 in auto insurance, next to State Farm.

It is thus only too appropriate that I had my first talking animal dream early this morning.  The dreams I remember only normally last for seconds, and I quickly forget them.  Once or twice/year I have a long and extraordinary one.  Three and a half years ago the Huffington Post published my Suicide Dreams.  It lasted what seemed like hours, and this doozie involved the future of Waikiki, hara-kiri (seppuku, or ceremonial suicide by dagger and sword--I was also dressed in white, but managed to avoid that swordsman shown here) and, personally significant, for the first time, my sleeping mind realized that my wife had passed away.

About a year ago I posted:

I had initially taken this "pill" to both lose weight and lower blood sugar, and, amazingly enough, that night I had three memorable dreams.  Turned out to be probably coincidental.  Soon thereafter, though, I quit GC, for I read that it weakened structural muscles.  Funny thing, though, I tried to find that article today, and couldn't track it down.  I still  have four large bottles of this pill.  Maybe I should try it again.  Anyway, this particular posting always makes the top ten of my viewed sites every day, so people out there are interested in dreams.  Or maybe it was the garcinia cambogia.

So back to my Hump Day dream this morning, I was traveling around the country with a talking duck.  It was tan colored, but had the attitude of the AFLAC duck.  Which, incidentally, is the acronym for American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (as in Georgia), and pioneered payment through payroll deduction.  In addition to the USA, one in four Japanese households is covered by AFLAC.

Anyway, the dream itself was in substance meaningless.  My pal the duck and I found ourselves touring a portion of America that I can best describe as Eastern Seaboard, with New England accents and heavy Cajun influence.  Yes, it made no sense and maybe I'm finally losing it.  That's it.  No punch line, no lesson for the day.  Just a long weird dream.  Have an enjoyable hump day.

Oh, I can close with my first rainbow from 15 Craigside I saw at breakfast from my lanai this morning:


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