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Thursday, September 11, 2014


That was the subtitle to TIME's issue last week on The Answers Issue.  As this magazine reported, while we are in an age of information overload, "what's most exciting about our age of answers is its potential to change the quality of our lives."  I similarly justify my blog as a positive contribution to your life.

So here are a few typical questions justifying the title of this posting:
  • How many times do you blink/year?
          If you're average, 4 million times.

  • What's the longest word?
The chemical name for titian, the largest known protein:  189,819 letters.  Starts with meth and ends with leucine.  Click on that link to read it.

  • How many possible chess games are there? 
A figure greater than the number of atoms in the universe, or 10 to 82nd power.
  • How many photos will be taken this year?
880 billion.
  • Where do babies come from?
Actually, the answer had to do with adoptions.  Of the 7,021 babies adopted in the USA from foreign countries last year, China supplied 2,306, Ethiopia 993 and Congo 211.  This number is 55% lower than 15 years ago.  The Netherlands adopted the most American babies:  38.
  • Which is the safest county in the USA?
Wheatland in Montana.  However, it's mostly also very cold there.
  • Which is the most dangerous county in the USA?
Ocean in New Jersey, but mostly from storms.
  • What is the average national household income?  
TIME says $51,371, but Wikipedia indicates a figure closer to $31,000, with the U.S. being #4 in the world.
  • How bad is student debt?
The average student debt is $35,051, and this sum of $830 billion is larger than the total national revolving credit debt of $827 billion.
  • How many immigrants live in the USA?
41 million, or 13% of the total population.
  • What is the average number of resumes received for every corporate job opening?
250....yes 250 for each job opening.
  • How many guns in the USA?
300 million, for a population of 314 million, about twice/capita than the next countries, Serbia and Yemen.
  • When will China's economy overtake USA's?
In 2019, when the GDP per capita will be $16,000 in China and $66,000 in the U.S.
  • Why don't we get heart cancer?
Interestingly enough, heart cells don't divide and tissue cannot repair itself.  At birth you have a certain number of heart cells, and that is all you will ever get.  Cancer is caused by abnormal cells uncontrollably dividing.
  • What percent of Americans are atheists?
While 6% of Americans are atheists, only 0.07% of U.S. prisoners identify themselves as atheists.

  • The USA with 5% of the world population has what percent of prisoners?
We dominate the world here, with 25% of all the people in prisons, and it costs $28,893/ federal prisoner/year.
  • How often annually do married couples have sex?
66 times.
  • Do women enjoy sex?
69% of porno actresses enjoy sex, compared to 29% of "average" females.
  • How much do we spend on pets?
In America, $55.7 billion, compared to:
    •  $117 billion fast foods
    • $96 billion on beer
    • $65 billion on soft drinks
    • $35 billion gambling
    • $16 billion on chocolates 
    • $11 billion on bottled water 
    • $11 billion on coffee
    • $10 billion on romance novels
  • In any given room, what are the odds of you having the same birthday?
50-50 if there are 23 people present.

Hey, I can go on and on, but, surely, this was interesting, wasn't it?


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