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Friday, November 30, 2012


This posting will be safe, not like my previous story of my thumb.  No gruesome photos, and mercifully short.  I thought it was gratifyingly accountable for the Queen's emergency room nurse to call me on Day #3 just to see how my thumb was doing.

On Day #4 I went to see Dr. Gary Blum.  He looked at my infected wound and asked me a few questions.   I recounted how I changed the bandage and he shook his head as in no.  Apparently, there was a miss-connect in communications, for he said that they should not have used the anti-stick version.   He wanted the pus (sorry) to stick on the gauze to remove that layer.  The ER had that anti-stick, covered with normal gauze and held in place by a cloth tape.  Again, he was not happy.  Just the gauze and coban tape (photo to left), which has no stickiness to it.  He also said that he would recommend dipping my thumb in the warm soapy water with the bandage so that the removal would not be so painful.  This really worked.

In this day and age of CAT scans and cloning, you got to wonder how some things so simple as these are not standardized.  Also, amazingly enough, the color of the antibiotic capsule does not mean anything, which continues to surprise me.

I used the pharmacy at the Queens Physicians Office Building to purchase another batch of stuff.  I now have sufficient medical supplies to survive a minor war.

The important bottom line is that he said my thumb was coming along well.  Return in ten days.  In the meantime, though, no golf.


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