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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


CNN predicted at 10:18PM Eastern Time that Barack Obama will win the 2012 presidential election.  Photo above from Bloomberg.  I should not say this, but I told you so, around six times, beginning with my predictions for 2012 on 31 December2011.  Note also that I thought the U.S. unemployment rate would be 7.9% by the end of October.

Interestingly enough, through much of the evening it looked like Mitt Romney might get more actual votes than Barack Obama.  But the West Coast votes came in to make the win total, for the electoral numbers with a win in Florida could be classified as a landslide.

In any case, the Democrats retained control of the Senate and the Republicans will continue to run the House of Representatives.  As Obama will not need to run again, I see a lot of bipartisanship playing out over the next four years.

If I heard and saw correctly, Colorado LEGALIZED marijuana.  It will become legal for individuals to possess, and businesses to sell, marijuana for recreational use!  The state of Washington also  went for marijuana.  However, the Feds say this substance is illegal.  Interesting conflict to follow.  These states want to tax the product to help their budgets.  Maryland voted for gay rights.  A turning point of yet another human right.

Tammy Duckworth (we went to the same high school, McKinley in Honolulu) trounced Tea Party favorite Rep. Joe Walsh in Illinois.  She was born in Bangkok and speaks Thai and Indonesian.  She graduated from the University of Hawaii and George Washington University.  She lost both her legs and damaged her arm in the Iraq War and is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Illinois Army National Guard.

I'll end with the state of Minnesota, where wrestler Jesse Ventura was once elected governor and comedian Al Franken was anointed as U.S. Senator.  I've regularly made fun of Congressperson Michele Bachmann, for she regularly places both of her feet into her rather large mouth.  How dumb are her statements?  Here are ten.  At the time of this writing, with 79% of the votes (269,000 or so) counted, she leads by only 720 votes.  She is in a super-conservative district (and she is super-conservative), plus outspent her rival 12:1 in the most expensive House race this year, nearly $23 million.  Keep tuned to her future, or lack of it.


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