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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Three years ago I posted an article in the Huffington Post on:

   How to Roast a Turkey

Last year I roasted my second turkey.  So yesterday when I was shopping at Foodland, I noticed that if you had a total bill of $30, you could purchase a whole turkey for $2.95.  While Thanksgiving is more than two weeks into the future, the sale was to end in 24 hours, so I bought one.  On the way home I bought a bucket.  My freezer had no room for this 13 pounder, so I placed it in brine, and today roasted it.

Here are the ingredients:

Turkey, and for the stuffing:  truffle butter, foie gras, mushrooms, creamed corn, rice, onion.  I actually further added diced water chestnuts and macadamia nuts, plus tossed in a cup of sake and an egg. I first fried the chopped gizzards and liver in a lot of butter and placed this crispy mixture into the bowl of stuffing:

However, every time I go through this process, something placed in the turkey surprises me.  This time it was a plastic container of what looked like blood, except it was brown.  I had no idea what this was, so I threw it away.  Someone, I'm sure will e-mail me for this folly.

Well, three hours later at 325 F, success:

I did not want a traditional Thanksgiving meal, so had with the turkey some boiled spinach, salad and chardonnay from my Stanford collection:

Nothing special about the turkey, but the stuffing was fabulous!  The foie gras was wasted, for there was no evidence of its presence in the stuffing.  However, the truffle butter was definitely enhancive.  I now have enough turkey in my freezer for the foreseeable future and beyond.  Will my next adventure be Peking Turkey?


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