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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I can't believe it, but for the very first time, everyone and every thing I supported this year won.  I list ten of them here.  But what were the criteria determining the rankings?  Pure gut feeling.  Here they are:

#10  Joe Donnelly (57, D-Indiana) beat Richard Mourdock (62, R-Indiana) for the U.S. Senate.  This gives me some assurance that voters actually have some sense, as Mourdock made a profoundly stupid statement about rape that, no matter what he later said, he actually still believes as true.  There is an element of the Republican Party that embarrasses and confounds supporters.  It somehow has something to do with religion and God.  And we saw it in #9.

#9   Claire McCaskill (59, D-Missouri) trounced Todd Akin (67, R-Missouri).  What did Akin say?  "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."  The best I can figure out is that he was surprised that everyone else did not also feel the same way.    Both Donnelly and McCaskill were expected to lose until those fateful comments.  If the Republican Party has a fatal weakness, it is that  naively righteous attitude of the core that has largely lost touch with the changing reality.

#8   For the first time, voters approved gay rights, meaning marriage of the same sex.  Maryland, Maine and Washington are well on their way, reflecting trending societal views.  In 1996 only 27% approved of gay marriage.  This year, half the population approves.  I should add Minnesota, for a gay marriage ban amendment was defeated.   Each referendum, actually, barely made it, revealing this equal divide in attitude.  However six other states and D.C. already recognize same-sex marriages, and so do Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Mexico.

#7   Marijuana will soon become legal in Colorado and Washington.  There are a few crucial legal and legislative steps remaining, as, for one, this "drug" is currently illegal by Federal law.  In addition, count on the Supreme Court entering the fray.  But Mary Jane is coming.  Ironically, the Netherlands, which has long been tolerant about coffee shops (yes they serve coffee, but they mostly sell marijuana to be smoked on the premises), has banned sale to tourists.  Except for one tiny loophole.  Amsterdam, for one, has refused to enforce for the fear of retarding tourism.

#6  Tammy Duckworth (44, D-Illinois), Iraq War hero, prevailed over now former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Illinois), a Tea Party favorite.  What happened to them anyway?  Walsh fell into that same religious quagmire, this one dealing with abortion.  Like Barack Obama, she lives in Illinois, but her heart is in Hawaii.

#5   Tulsi Gabbard (31D-Hawaii) also will become a member of the House of Representatives.  She astounded pundits by crushing Mufi Hannemann to become the Democratic candidate, and quietly disposed of a homeless handyman in the General Election.  Rep. Gabbard fought in the Afghanistan War, and with Rep. Duckworth, are the only two female war veterans in the U.S. Congress of the Middle East Wars.

#4   Kirk Caldwell (60, D-Hawaii) came from nowhere to beat Ben Cayetano for the mayorship of Honolulu.  I first met him when he worked for U.S. Senator Dan Inouye.  He is pro-rail, and his election saves the project.  Honolulu needs this mass transit system.  Sure it will cost more and lose money, but so does education, the police and a bunch of other societal needs.

#3  Dennis Fresh Onishi (47, D-Hawaii), retained his Big Island Council seat.  He has been instrumental in the Pearl Gold Tree effort.  Next, mayor of the Big Island?

#2   Barack Obama (51, D-Illinois) was re-elected President of the United States.  Scroll down to read my posting of 6November12.

#1   2011 Miss Hawaii Lauren Cheape (25, R-Hawaii) was elected to the Hawaii State House of Representatives.  She has that special quality that will make her famous and successful.  Earlier this year I featured her, and to show how wrong I could be, I recommended that she change parties.  Well, let me try again.  Over the next two years, she needs to find a way to become a Democrat or leverage her position into a higher profile role.  Talk to new Hawaii State Senator Laura Thielen.  In this State a Republican legislator is powerless to do anything.

On the other hand, I've long predicted that the price of oil will skyrocket sometime in the future.  Hawaii will be among the first to suffer from an economic depression and the Democrats will be blamed.  If in a future election the Republicans can take over the State, who knows what can happen.

So why is this election #1?  Lauren shows the most promise to make a difference for Planet Earth and, she's also better looking than all the above.


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