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Friday, June 10, 2011


Well, I returned home to be greeted by Diamond Head:

Pearl Harbor:

and Pearl's sunbursts:
There are a dozen in various stages of bloom, with six more to come.  They are flowering a month early.  Global warming?

1.  On June 7, my posting started with a link to gloom.  Today, I present Tom Friedman, who, like me, has apparently accepted the coming doomsday fate of Humanity.  Mind you, in this script, the world will not come to an end.  Things will just change for the worse, maybe even cataclysmically, with respect to the advanced lifestyles of most Americans today.  After the trauma, happiness might actually increase.  This is one of the futures scenarios projected by members of a couple of internet fora (also known as forums) I've been dallying with the past few years.  In this mix, I'm usually the optimist.  Looks like Tom and I have been converted, for I'm now of an opinion similar to his article.   Jim, I'm finally beginning to get it.

2.  I will flesh this out over time, perhaps even a HuffPo someday, but preschool can lead to better jobs, less drug abuse and fewer criminals.  This was a study of 4 year olds.  My chapter on education from SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for Humanity, however, suggests we begin this at the age of 2.  Not go to school daily, but something on the order of using schoolrooms every Saturday morning, where a parent, grandparent or adult relative takes their two year old to what should an enjoyable weekly adventure. Wonderful things will happen.

3.  301 American cities had record highs yesterday.  Global warming?  Well, Aquarius was launched today to measure where ice is melting.  You would think this should be obvious, but...  Cost? About $250 million.

4.  As you might know, there could well be 173 elements.  Not officially named yet, #114 (Ununquadium, Uuq) and #116 (Unumhexium, Uuh) were just confirmed.  Flerovium and Moscovium are favored, as they were detected in Russia.  #113 [Ununtrium (Uut) or ekat-halium or Japonium or Rikenium or Becquerelium#], #115 [Ununpentium (Uup) or eka-bismuth], #117 [Unanseptium, Uus], #118 [Ununoctium, Uuo--which could be a gas or solid] and so on have not been found.  These are all place holder names.  When approved, these elements will probably be named after an individual or location.  The number represents protons in the nucleus.  As you can imagine, big bucks are being spent for national honor, as elements are named forever.

5.  Today is a State Holiday:  Kamehameha Day.  Read my posting of two years ago to learn something about him.  A festive weekend in Honolulu coming up, starting with the three day Pan-Pacific Festival in its 32nd year.  Among activities will be a Hoolaulea block party tonight from 7PM (watch out for getting into Waikiki) and a parade from 5PM on Sunday.  The lei drapping of the King Kamehameha statue is at 3:30PM today.  As viewers now know, this is the front yard of the new Hawaii 5-0 headquarters.  The parade of the year then occurs on Saturday from Iolani Palace to Kapiolani Park from 9 AM.  Again, good luck driving.

The Dow Jones Industrials sunk 172 to 11,952, pretty much what happened in markets around the world.  The high volume in the USA is worrisome.  Gold fell $11/toz to $1532 and the NYMEX is now at $99/barrel, with the Brent Spot at $118/barrel.  Almost a $20/barrel differential, probably continuing to reflect the turmoil in Africa/Middle East and, also, depletion on North Sea oil fields.

Hurricane Adrian got up to Category 4 status, but has now dropped to a #3, down to 125 MPH, and is expected to further weaken over the next few days.


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