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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Eighty years ago Tod Browning produced and directed a movie entitled Freaks (see entire film by clicking on it).  Browning himself once worked in a traveling carnival and sympathized with these side-show humans who were "deformed."  In the film, the "monsters" were the normal people.  Initially, Myrna Loy and Jean Harlow were to star.  Yes, the production was exploitive (as might be this posting--but on Sundays I try to do something different), and the final hour and a half product went through litigation, deleting several scenes dealing with castration and other incidents, reducing the public version to an hour.

What a gruesome beginning, and I could have selected a different title, such as Guinness World Record Homo Sapiens, but the inspiration was an article today of who will soon become the tiniest man, ever.  Junrey Balawing (above, with that Guinness t-shirt), from the Philippines, will turn 18 today, and is two inches shorter than Khagendra Thapa Magar (left), 21, of Nepal, who is 2 feet 4.4 inches tall.  Endocrine imbalances cause these aberrations.

The tallest man ever was an American, Robert Wadlow (above), at 8 feet 11 inches, and who passed away in 1940.  Sultan Kosen (left) of Turkey, at 8 feet 3 inches, is the tallest human today.  He is 28 years old and still growing.  Manute Bol the tallest NBA player was a shade over 7  ft 6 in.  Sun Ming (7 ft 10 in), from China is the tallest active basketball player today, while, three years younger, Yao Ming (7 ft 6 in) today plays in the NBA.  Yao Defen (right) of China, at 7 ft 8 in, 29 years old, is the tallest female today.  These abnormal heights can be caused by disease, tumors and an endocrine imbalance, among a variety of reasons.

Here are videos/photos of:

1.  Ugliest human.  (this one is almost funny)

2.  World's ugliest dog of 2010 (there actually is a contest)

3.  Unusual cats and dogs

4.  Unreal animals (because they unreal)

5.  Photos of unusual plants.

6.  Some interesting photos

To end this gorgeous day in Honolulu, here are Pearl's sunbursts...:

and the sunset today:

Life can be freaky, but we can only be thankful of what we have.

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