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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Less than a month ago I returned from Kenji's Golf Safari to Nevada and Utah, seven straight days of golf. I am now on Oki's five days of golf in Las Vegas.  All the courses were superior, and the prices were not really that high.  Aside from four putt greens, hitting a house with my drive and several holes in double digits, I actually did quite well, even being on the winning team on the final day.

I learned two things on this trip:

1.  Tipping the check-in staff at the California Hotel can produce a terrific room.

2.  Techniques on how to get free drinks while playing video poker, just one being to order a double (like martininis) and still tip only $1.

We golfed at Desert Pines (which is close to the Strip):

Revere at Anthem:

Primm Lakes Golf Club:

Silverstone GC:

Bear's Best GC:
 This layout represents the best 18 holes from the 250 courses designed by Jack Nicklaus's in Arizona, California, Florida, Mexico and Spain.

Some group photos:



Jen McCleve said...

I've heard that using a golf marathon is a great way to do some good fundraising. Was this for a charity or as a tournament?

Mike Carter said...

There are so many great golf courses in Las Vegas that I try to go to a different one each time I visit. I plan on going back there soon and I want to make sure I play on one that I haven't previously played on before. I'll definitely try to go to one of the ones you listed thanks to this post.