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Sunday, February 2, 2014


I awoke this morning and decided to wear orange to support the Denver Broncos.  I even took a selfie:

For breakfast I decided do orange, both the fruit:

and half a papaya:

with a passion-orange yogurt.  By the way, I thought papayas cost about a buck.  However, this one set me back $6 because it was supposedly organic:

Why I got it I don't know, for it had several defects, as you can see.  Although it actually tasted great, I'll probably go back to the genetically modified and chemically treated version.  Wonder what that costs?

In keeping with the color orange, here is my most recent sunset:

That third photo is truly weird.  I waited until I could optimally click the shutter and apparently photographed THE GREEN FLASH, but the shot was out of focus.  Why a full sphere is a mystery.  Here are the stages of a real green flash, from left to right:

I've seen at least a hundred green flashes in my life.  The most memorable one I saw through binoculars resembled a chartreuse green hydrogen bomb blast with a cobalt blue thin internal core.


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