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Sunday, February 2, 2014


In a few words:  Seattle defense, Harvin, QB Wilson and interceptions of Manning.  What were the highlights?
  • Perhaps the goof of the day was Referee Terry McAulay catching Joe Namath's coin toss in mid-year because the official forgot to ask the Seattle captain for his choice.
  • The second biggest mistake occurred on the first play from scrimmage resulting in an embarrassing safety.
  • Halftime:  Seahawks 22 - Broncos 0. 
  • Halftime show:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers were also on the card.  Bruno Mars was fabulous, although I still can't remember any of his hit songs.

By the way, at halftime, here were the corresponding temperatures:

  • The kick-off after halftime?  Percy Harvin ran it back for a touchdown:

Seattle 29 - Denver 0.
Seattle 36 - Denver 0.
Seattle 36 - Denver 8.
Seattle 43 - Denver 8.

What did I learn from this super bowl?
  • Terrorists missed another opportunity.
  • Bob Dylan is still alive (he headed a commercial for Chrysler).  Robert Allen Zimmerman is, actually, a year younger than me.
  • 24, the movie, is coming in May.
  • The Denver Broncos lost to the San Francisco 49ers 55-10 in 1990, so this was not the biggest embarrassment in the Super Bowl.
  • However, it's so revealing that those experts who predicted a close score (90+% of them), knew even less than me.  I was smart enough to not care.  By the way, I should take another selfie (but I'll spare you this unnecessary impudence--see me in orange by scrolling down), for I did so much cleaning of my apartment this morning that I had to take a shower before the game, and re-dressed in green and blue.  At least I was in the winning colors.  That's quarterback Russell Wilson to the right.  Victory is not fully assured until that Gatorade shower of the coach, Pete Carroll:

I also had a nice sunset today:

And there was even a tiny Moon:

There is now some talk that NFL Commish Roger Goodell speaks to higher powers, as he was able to arrange for "perfect" weather.  This is MetLife the next day with 6 inches of snow still falling:


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