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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I actually began the day at the Las Vegas Athletic Club with an acai bar and Powerade.  There are six LVACs in the city.  After two hours exercising, I felt unusually healthy.

Lunch was at Sweet Tomatoes, a chain that specializes in soups and salads.  In California this restaurant is called Souplantation. They are scattered throughout the nation.  I had a giant salad with three soups.

Element at Summerlin is the eco-friendly brand of Starwood's Westin Hotels.  President Barack Obama stayed here when he visited Las Vegas last year.  I suspect the operable reason was that it was easier to secure, although the media made it sound as if it had everything to do with the greenness.   He and his staff had pizza by Dom DeMarco's (their quote is "I love this pizza more than my boyfriend"), mainly because that is the room service menu.  I was tempted to order a white truffle pizza, except that by the time I learned the above, I had already gone next door and bought a small frozen pizza, beer and margherita because there is a full kitchen in each room with a microwave oven.  I gather you can use this device to heat up the pizza.

Element does not have a restaurant (though they provide a free breakfast), has no casino and serves no alcohol.  Platinum members get no advantage, except that my room was supposedly an upgrade.  Very nice and newish and high tech with the bathroom for the handicapped, free internet and a water bar outside the room.  They have a wind energy conversion device right outside my room.  I was somewhat surprised that there is absolutely no noise, but that could be because the freeway is adjacent.  While there seems not to be much wind here in general, I noticed that the conformation of the buildings is such that the wind is amplified at the windmill location.  Only here, the wind is constant and must be in excess of 10 MPH, maybe even 15 MPH.  However, this must mostly be symbolic as I saw it only move slowly once through the night.

If you have been following Typhoon Wipha, the eye is close to Tokyo, but sufficiently offshore that there should not be much damage.  Rain, surely.  However, the latest Washington Post has this headline:

Japan’s storm of the decade: Typhoon Wipha lashing Tokyo, Fukushima

Well, let's see how bad it really gets.   Anything more over Fukushima certainly cannot be good.  


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