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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Here are a few noteworthy items from the Renewable Energy News network:

    • Responsibility for the future
    • Protecting the climate
    • Supply security, competitiveness and cost stability
    • Growth and new jobs
    • Greater public participation (over half of renewable energy projects are owned by individuals and farmers)

                       If you can't read the details, just click on that graphic.

  • Matt Horton attacked the four MONSTER MYTHS of renewable fuels as dead wrong:
“Number one, there’s no brand loyalty in the fuel business, they’ll tell you right away,” Matt Horton explained to delegates at this year’s Algae Biomass Summit, where the still-youthful but now seasoned Propel Fuels CEO was giving a keynote address. “Two, people only care about price. Three, they have no real interest in the content of the fuel. Four, they are afraid of putting new fuels in their car.”

Click his name to read his refutation of these conventional pearls of wisdom.

Tropical Storm Krosa just formed east of the Philippines.

Already at 70 MPH, Krosa will soon strengthen into a typhoon, storm over northern Philippines, enter the South China Sea, attain Category 2 status, then, as presently projected, crash into Hainan, retaining enough power to bring a lot of rain to Vietnam.


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