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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


RenewableEnergy.World.Com's issue today focuses on Bioenergy News and Information.  You can read the details, so let me very quickly only summarize a couple of items:

All ten are worthy, but let me just provide the top three:
  • #3  Watering and Dewatering:  the bane of algae is to get the water out of it.
  • #2  Oxygen Content:  while fossil fuels have no oxygen, all biomass crops have too much "useless" oxygen, making conversion inefficient:
  • #1  Photosynthetic Limit:  which is, at 1-2%, too low.  Quantum dots?

According to Richard Carlin, director of the Office of Naval Research's Sea Warfare and Weapons Department,

  Hawaii is uniquely positioned for such (read article to find out what this is) research, experts say, with unparallelled wind, solar, bioenergy, wave and geothermal resources.  Its population is also keenly aware of the need for alternatives to fossil fuels because the state is dependent on imported oil for its power and energy use, and residents face the highest electricity costs in the nation.

ONR's Asia-Pacific Technology and Education Program and Energy Accelerator efforts are described.

In August I reported on the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis.  The researchers have a plan to remake fuel as we know it, says Nate Lewis of Caltech.

Tropical Storm Fitow, currently at 55 miles per hour, will become a Category 3 storm by Friday, with the potential to strike Kyushu this weekend, but models currently have the eye heading for South Korea:


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