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Saturday, October 9, 2010


If someone from my country, President Barack Obama, doesn't listen to me, why would the leaders of China?  Almost everything monumental that has happened to me was a one in a million or billion opportunity, so why not take a chance on China?

About your response to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo's award, the initial gut reaction of anger and condemnation was, unfortunately for you, expected.  Now that you have withdrawn into an almost eerie silence, this is a good time to take stock of your future.  There is no need to be a bully.  You  won't be able to conquer the USA militarily anyway, so why not take the opposite extreme.  Become a Nation of Peace and Prosperity.  You're doing amazingly well on the second part, but can take advantage of Liu's honor with one shocking announcement:

We acted immaturely when first learning of Professor (he taught at Beijing Normal University) Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Prize award.  After considerable soul-searching, in consideration of where our country wants to be in the future, a unanimous decision was reached to thank the Nobel Prize Committee and congratulate Professor Liu of this most distinguished honor.  He is hereby released from custody and is completely free to travel throughout the country and world.  We have been accused of various human rights actions, and will review these cases as necessary, overturning those we feel are justified.

As Mikhail Gorbachev did to effectively begin the end of the Cold War, China can extend this course of humanity towards universal peace by just taking this one step.  Japan, now (but not seriously, really) considering exploring the need for nuclear weapons, can backtrack without losing face and, perhaps, President Obama can take a closer look at my 10% solution.

Now, about global climate warming and your (China's) policy of releasing green pronouncements, while carefuly insuring that the Tianjin discussion and follow-up Cancun protocol permits you wide discretion in saying what you want without being forced to take any significant remediative action:  you have a golden opportunity to one-up America.  Our U.S. Congress is the Great Wall Against the Carbon Tax.  Yes, Republicans listen to corporate leaders (they provide campaign funds), but that core of Democrats from fossil fuel states is why no decisions will be made until it is too late.  All you need to do is to say:

Global climate change is real and we are responsible.  China is the number emitter of carbon dioxide, and with the United States, we together are responsible for more than 40% of all the emissions.  Our economy remains developmental, and we will continue to seek certain concessions, but agree that global action must be taken, and we pledge to actively participate in what is reasonable for the health of Planet Earth.

That's it!  You don't need to agree to a set reduction at this time.  Just proceed with good attitude and gain a decade more of catch-up.  The U.S., however, will continue to fumble, for, during this era of economic turmoil, no one wants to sacrifice much just for the sake of almost immeasurable sea level rise and a small fraction temperature increase only discernible by scientists.  Plus, the disinformation specialist subsidized by oil and coal companies are being very effective.

I actually thought that one hot summer tens of millions would perish, but just one period this summer convinced me that global warming will not kill masses of people.  In mid-summer, Baghdad reached temperatures around 120 degrees F.  Many there actually have air conditioning.  However, brown-outs occur all the time, yet very few die.  The very weak, young and old can be affected, but people are resilient.  Thus, we cannot "depend" on Mother Nature to shame decision-makers.  I'm afraid nothing much will be done abut curtailing fossil fuel use until the tipping point is someday reached, and could well, then, be too late.  That is why I'm co-authoring a novel entitled The Venus Syndrome.  If compelling logic is not working, maybe fear can.

Two storms in the Atlantic, but nothing of much concern at this time.


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