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Sunday, October 3, 2010


About 140 years ago, the parents of Kenjiro (my grandfather) caught a ship from Akita to Otaru.  Not sure how long that took, but from the time I left my hotel room in Akita, it was 15 hours later when I reached my Otaru hotel.

The weather was not quite stormy, but close.  The room I had on board came with breakfast and lunch, with the latter particularly spectacular.  About a dozen small Japanese dishes arrived with a Sapporo beer, and I thought that was it.  But no, then came ikura/rice, miso soup and a fancy tsukemono:

Now, totally satiated, an artistic dessert arrived:

A staff member of the Shin Nihonkai, Maria, became a very helpful guide, and shared with me some Sapporo Ramen:

Six hundred thirty three visitors from fifty eight countries clicked on this blog site this past week.  Fifty thousand, six hundred sixty nine have looked at Planet Earth and Humanity.  


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